Amazing Race, Here We Come

Happy Monday after Easter!!!  We hope it was good for all ya’ll.  Most of you know Jordan and I love our traveling.  We have been on quite a few adventures together in both third world and developed countries.  We have bicycled together for seven weeks in Africa which included  the Sahara desert, plus we have both been sky-diving, white water rafting, and zip-lining.  The grubbier and more challenging the task, the happier we are.


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When she was in graduate school in Georgia, we applied to be contestants on The Amazing Race, but didn’t make it.  It has always been on our minds to try one more time.


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Last year we decided was the right time to take another stab at it.  We needed to get on it while my knees are still working fine, and my brain is, too.


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In all of the seasons that Race has aired on CBS, they have had couples, fathers and sons, mothers and sons, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandads and grandsons but never a mother/daughter team.  We felt as if it was time to change that.  We filled out the 11 page application – again; submitted our photos and video – again; and waited……… and waited……..


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I guess CBS realized that a mother/daughter duo might be a good thing because they contacted us in November.  At first we had individual phone interviews.  About 10 days later, we had a duo interview on Skype.  And then on the week-end before Thanksgiving (bad timing), they flew us out to L.A., and we had screen tests and more interviews.  They needed to see how we would relate to each other on camera.


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In January the call that we were hoping and waiting for came.  Yes, they asked us to be in the next season of The Amazing Race, which will start filming in May.


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The biggest challenge of all has been sitting on this secret and keeping our big fat mouths shut.  We couldn’t even tell our husbands.  No one.  Not even the dog.  It was T.O.R.T.U.R.E.


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We were notified on Friday by the producers that we will start the race in San Antonio of all places.  (We think that’s a weird place to start a race around the world).  Also, they told us that we could inform our families over the week-end and go public with our friends today.  They plan to reveal this season’s teams on their website this Wednesday.  (They took our official photos when we were in LA in November).

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The part we find the most interesting about this whole journey that we have been on is that they aren’t really interested in the fact that we are a mother/daughter team.  However, they like the fact that we write a lifestyle blog.  They felt that is trendier.  We never thought our little hobby would get us on an adventure like a race around the world!!!  Plus, we never thought we could use our favorite show to pull a little prank on you…..April Fools from The 2 Seasons.

Take care.


  1. Pam E-P says

    So excited for you! My very favorite show! My husband and I watch every season and try to guess the exact point in the season when we would be filing for divorce. I’m from Versailles, so I’m glad to see my home so well represented!

  2. donna murphy says

    Bad, bad girls! As I was reading this I was thinking that FINALLY I would be interested in watching this show! ha ha. Very good prank!

  3. Pondside says

    That was a good one – and there I was, thinking ‘well, I just might watch that show’. You got me!

  4. Kim Weigand says

    I’m not sure what it means, but you two are pretty darn good at deception, teehee!!