Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

We have never been big Easter decorators around here.  When the children were young, the holiday often came during spring break when we were traveling.  Out of the many years we have been married, there are very few times that we have actually been home for Easter.  So, I never really bothered with decorating.



IMG 4958 1024x681 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

This year is different, though.  Not only will we be home for Easter, but we’ll have a townhouse full of company.  Our son will be here while his fiancee travels for business.  Jordan and her husband will be here, as will her college roommate and her husband.  Those four will be running a half marathon on Saturday.


IMG 4960 1024x681 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

Yikes!!  I  have been knee-deep into spring cleaning since we returned from Burma last week, and I realized I better pull something together that looks like Easter.  I bought this adorable little lacquer tray in Burma after visiting a the factory and watching craftsmen painstakingly go through the steps of making them.


IMG 4984 1024x681 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

Then I pulled out these vintage milk glass chick candy dishes that were in my stash.  And let me just tell you – they did not play nicely when it was time for their close-ups.  I must have taken 30 shots of the two, and the white did something crazy.  I assume I didn’t get a setting on my camera adjusted properly.


IMG 4981 1024x681 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

Here’s another look.  I like the way the freshness of the white stands out on the green background.


IMG 4962 1024x681 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

The green in this variegated plant matches the tray perfectly.  Then I threw in a pillar candle resting on a silver holder to get my odd number.


IMG 49581 1024x681 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

It’s simple, but you get the message.


IMG 4971 1024x681 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

Then in another part of the great room, I switched gears and went with pastels.  I pulled out one of my vintage Easter postcards, and put it into the frame I received from my friend Randy for Christmas.  You have already seen it here and here.


IMG 4970 1024x681 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

Since my silver is freshly polished (remember – I’m spring cleaning), I put the frame, along with some little antique pieces on a silver tray and put them on a table in front of a window that overlooks the courtyard.


IMG 4964 1024x525 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

I layered some faux lemons and another silver tray on a stack of books so that the little yellow peep in the postcard would pop.  ( I love a good alliteration)!!



IMG 4965 1024x773 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

And there’s another simple tabletop.  I’ll add some fresh flowers around the room, but I don’t want to buy them till Friday so they will be nice and fresh for the week-end.  Be sure to notice the shine on those clean windows!!!


Lacquer factory 1024x1024 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

Before I leave, I wanted to share with you some photos I took at the lacquer factory.  If you think their working conditions are challenging, you would be right.  The quality of the photos isn’t great because the lighting wasn’t good in the room where they were working.


Lacquer Photo 2 1024x341 - Two Very Simple Easter Vignettes

The average worker in Burma earns $2.00 per day.  As tourism increases, that figure should increase.  Afterall, they are now free, and after living under a dictatorship for several decades, they have hope.


Take care.


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  1. Pondside says

    Both arrangements are very pretty, but I’l drawn to the silver, especially. Happy Easter to you and your family – a full house sounds like fun!

  2. says

    Your vignettes are really pretty. Love the pop of yellow with the peep! Have a beautiful day and a joyful Easter. xo marlis