Create These Eggs

Hi, everyone.  With Easter just a week away, these awesome eggs would be the perfect project to recreate and use as a centerpiece, on a side table or in someone special’s basket.



Now, if you have been reading The 2 Seasons for a while, you might remember these photos.  I resurrected them because they are so cute and would make the perfect little Easter decoration for ya’ll to make – that is if you have some time and patience on your hands.


I discovered these little babies in a shop inBuenos Aires last year.


All you need to do is take some hollowed-out eggs and think up a design.


Then add your thought-up design with a fine-point Sharpie.


Then add a sealer to protect the finish and to make a little sheen.


If you need to entertain some children this week-end, I’m pretty sure this could keep them occupied for a few hours.


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Take care.