Grandma’s Quilting Bee

My grandmother has been having a one-woman quilting bee for years.  About 20 years ago, maybe 15, she announced that she was going to make a quilt for each of her four grandchildren.  In the meantime, she also made my cousin one as a wedding gift and finished one for my mother that was started when my mom was a college coed.  Well, I am pleased to announce that Grandma reached her goal.  When the whole family was together for my grandad’s 90th birthday, we got our quilts.  She even had a few to spare.



She spread the quilts out in their family room, and we all drew numbers.  Based on that, we were able to select the quilt we wanted.  Lucky for me, I drew number one and had first choice.  I chose the maple leaf pattern made in different calico prints.  Grandma likes calico.  I had my eye on this one the whole time and was lucky to get first pickings.



My cousin Adam had second choice, and he chose this brightly colored number.  Each large quilt square is a different pattern and in a different color family.  Grandma worked on these squares individually during her winters in Florida.  She calls it lap quilting.  Once they were all pieced and quilted,  they were connected.



In the excitement and confusion, I’m not sure who had third choice, but my cousin Jennifer chose this pattern called flying geese.  She lives at the beach and liked that the colors reminded her of the beach.



Josie, the about to be newest member of the family, even got a choice.  She selected this patchwork crazy quilt.



My brother Cory chose this red and white windmill pattern.  Originally, Grandma was going to make a red, white, and blue quilt for him, but when he saw this one, he liked it.



Grandma will be upset that I am posting this photo since she is not wearing her make-up, but here she is.  We’ve shared some of her oil paintings before here on our blog, and now you have seen another area where she excels.  Thanks, Grandma.

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  1. Anne Boykin says

    Wow, those are beautiful quilts, all of them! How lovely of your talented grandma to give such wonderful gifts!