Add a Murphy Bed for Guests

When we moved into our townhouse, the only things we gave up were the rooms we didn’t use in the first place – the formal living room, the extra guest room, and the formal dining room which we used just a few times each year.



IMG 4402 1024x681 - Add a Murphy Bed for Guests

This is now our guest room, but we have two adult children.  One is married and one isn’t.  Clearly, when they all visit at the same time, we need more beds.


IMG 4500 1024x801 - Add a Murphy Bed for Guests

Enter the Murphy bed.  We had this unit custom-made for us when we had a get-away condo in Toronto, ON.  Murphy beds are among the best inventions out there, and we are thrilled to own one.  This one is in our basement which was more like a cold/damp/dark dungeon when we bought our townhouse.  However, we had it finished and added a full bath, a huge storage area, a craft room for me, suitcase storage, and a great room which is where the Murphy bed is.


IMG 4502 1024x596 - Add a Murphy Bed for Guests

It is a huge piece of furniture but it is only about 15 inches deep, and it has tons of storage.


IMG 4505 1024x681 - Add a Murphy Bed for Guests

And guess what!!!  When it is open it provides even more storage plus a very comfortable queen-size bed.


IMG 4506 1024x681 - Add a Murphy Bed for Guests

It stays made at all times.  When guests leave, I wash the bedding, put it back on the bed, and close up the unit till we need it again.


IMG 4503 681x1024 - Add a Murphy Bed for Guests

Each side has shelves and deep drawers for storage.   Our guests can unpack and store their luggage away in the luggage closet we had built in under the stairs.  If you have the space and also need extra room for visitors to sleep, you might consider buying a Murphy bed.  We highly recommend it.

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