A More Practical Foyer

For almost two years now, we have had an antique drop leaf table as the only piece of furniture in our small foyer.  I keep a lamp on it which I switch out according to the seasons.  It’s a nice touch because we keep the lamp turned on all day long, and it adds a cozy touch.  I also switch out the table top vignette according to my moods and have flowers there on a regular basis.



The last time you saw the table, it looked like this……



…..and this shown here with the light turned on.


However, we use this door frequently when we leave to walk someplace in our neighborhood or downtown.  We don’t wear our outside shoes in the house, so we end up sitting on the steps to switch out our shoes.  I decided it might be more practical to move this bench into the foyer.  We originally bought it for our foyer in our get-away condo in Toronto, ON.



Most recently, it has been in the kitchen at our table.  You can see it there under Lulubelle.


I really like the convenience of having it here in the foyer.  At first the only thing I didn’t like was the little reading light that I put  here for some extra light.


So, I removed it.  However, Mr. Autumn likes a lamp in the foyer.  It tends to get dark after the morning sun passes through, and since his office looks out onto the foyer, he liked the added bonus of a lamp.


So, I stole borrowed this one from the great room to try it on for size.  We both like it, so I’ll find another floor lamp for great room.


Here’s a quick peek with the lamp turned on.  This makes Mr. Autumn happy.


You can see that we have an overhead light which is reflected here in the mirror.  It’s very artsy and one of the few things we kept from the previous owner because I love it.



Here’s a closer/better view of the overhead light.



I bought this practical rug at Home Goods to add to the space.  It meets a lot of requirements that we needed:  it’s has low pile so that we can easily open the front door without its rubbing against the rug, it is the color of dirt,  it has blues and greens so it works with the other colors in our home, and it repeats the browns that are in the mirror.



I’ll be able to switch out the pillows with the seasons to keep the bench looking fresh.  The nice thing about this arrangement is that if we tire of it, we can easily return the table arrangement.


Take care.

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  1. says

    I love that one of the requirements for the foyer rug was that it be the color of dirt. I wish I had thought of that before adding a blue and white floor to the room where the dogs go in and out! The bench is such a practical solution and is very decorative there with the lamp.

  2. says

    Pretty and practical idea to put that cute bench in the foyer. I like the lamp you switched from the great room, too. It’s so nice to have versatile pieces, like your bench, to use in different places in the house.

  3. says

    I love it! And a great way to add seasonal touches to the foyer by changing out the pillows!
    Hope you are having a great week…