Funny Farm Barn

Even though maybe at times I shouldn’t have, I have shared some of my completed paintings with you.  You have met Samantha and Marie Bee, and today it’s time to see the latest – “Funny Farm Barn.”  First, I need to make a full disclosure.  I saw a painting somewhere in blogland last year of a bright yellow barn with very green grass, and a very blue sky.  It was instant love, and I thought it would be fun to paint something similar to practice color blocking.  I do not know the artist nor do I remember where I saw it, but I give him/her credit for the idea.



IMG 3779 1024x573 - Funny Farm Barn

I drove miles and miles here in horse country one beautiful day last fall and took photos of yellow barns.  Although we have a gazillion beautiful barns, yellow ones are kind of rare around here.   I finally came upon this one which was by far the best.  It was the inspiration for my painting, but I didn’t copy it exactly.


IMG 4567 1024x681 - Funny Farm Barn

And here it is – Funny Farm Barn.  I painted it on a 24 by 36 canvas, and it was just as much lessons in math as it was a series of lessons on perspective and angles.  I needed to go there, and this was a fun way to learn about them.



IMG 4562 1024x681 - Funny Farm Barn

The painting is simply a mix of basic colors with a little shadowing and detailing added for interest.


IMG 4563 1024x681 - Funny Farm Barn

I am not going to frame it.  I like the look of the bare canvas.


Funny Farm Barn 1024x512 - Funny Farm Barn

This side by side shows that I made some changes.  I guess that’s why it’s art!!!  It’s also the reason for the name I gave the painting.  I wanted viewers to know it is supposed to be whimsical.  (I don’t know why Picmonkey cut off a third of the painting.  I guess it was too large for the collage.)

IMG 4653 681x1024 - Funny Farm Barn

Right now it is resting on top of a table in the corner of our great room.  The big white stripe you see is a reflection from the sun since I decided to take a photo of it during the sunniest time of the day.  I’m not sure where its permanent (well, as permanent as you can be in this house) will be.



DSCF3509 1024x665 - Funny Farm Barn

This photo will be my next painting project.  Yes, it was taken at Monet’s garden in Giverny, but don’t expect anything even close to the grandness of his work.  Stay tuned…..


Take care.

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