New Pantry Sign

If you have been stopping by The 2 Seasons for a while now, you know that I love pantries and that I have  one that is also my office (here, here, here, here, and here).



IMG 4339 1024x872 - New Pantry Sign

When we did the four-month gut job/remodel project before moving it, I had the solid wood door on the pantry switched out for one made mostly of frosted glass.  I knew that would be a good way to let sun from the kitchen’s adjacent sunroom (and  here) to into the windowless area.


IMG 43441 1024x681 - New Pantry Sign

I could have selected one that had the word Pantry etched into the glass, but at the time with so many decisions being made, I opted to go with a plain frosted glass.  Later I regretted that I didn’t get the fancier door.


IMG 4345 1024x681 - New Pantry Sign

I mentioned to Jordan that I had spoken to a sign maker about making a large applique that I could just press onto the door, and she said nonchalantly that she could make one for me.  I was shocked/thrilled/giddy.


IMG 4342 1024x785 - New Pantry Sign

She explained that the Silhouette machine she received for Christmas could do things like pantry signs, and she made one for me in just a few minutes.  I carried it home after our last visit.  All I had to do to apply it was first clean the door with vinegar and water and let it dry.  Then I just pressed it on smoothly and used a credit card edge to make sure there were no air bubbles.


IMG 4343 1024x681 - New Pantry Sign

Jordan will definitely be my go-to person for the next sign I have in mind.  I love the way this one looks!!!

Take care.

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  1. teresa says

    How clever! Is that just one piece of vinyl with letters printed on it or is “pantry” a cut out? My daughter-in-law has that machine and I want to do some monograms and last names for trays, but don’t know if I should stencil or use the stick on. Thanks for any ideas.

    • says


      The letters are individual, but they are all on one long piece of sticky stuff, kind of like contact paper. I put the whole piece against the door and then peeled off the backing. Be careful, though. Once it is on your surface area, it can’t be repositioned. You have to gently remove the backing so that the letters adhere to the surface. Hope this helps.

  2. says

    So glad that Jordan came to the rescue with that pretty “pantry” lettering…I actually love the idea of the frosted glass door with no permanent etchings…that way you can change it out whenever you wish. Just love it!