Young House Love Week Day 3


Mom and I decided that a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day on our blog is to feature our spin on one or two projects each day that John and Sherry Petersik developed for their bookYoung House Love (available here) .  Afterall, it’s all about the love, right?  And we’re here to spread it around.  So welcome to “The 2 Seasons Celebrate Young House Love Week.”


Wood art


Today we are featuring our take on Project 140, Make Decal Art.

When I was going through the YHL book, I thought this project was such a cute idea, and I had the perfect art I wanted to make.  If you have been reading for a while, you know my parents gave Mr. Spring and me a custom-designed monogram for our engagement gift.  We have used it many times, and I thought that it would be perfect for this project.  Plus, with the Silhoulette Cameo that I received for Christmas, I knew I could now cut it out.



Wood art

The great thing about this project is it didn’t cost a thing.  I had everything on hand.  Mr. Spring has a pile of scrap wood, and I found a piece just the size I wanted.  I put a couple of layers of stain on it to give it a darker  and more finished-looking color.  I used wood stain we had on hand.



The next thing I did was cut out our monogram in vinyl so I could stick it onto the wood.  This step did not work, and the vinyl was not staying put.  Then I went to Plan B.   I cut our monogram out of contact paper, and it stuck.  The contact paper was leftover from the silhouette project I did of Gracie.

Wood art

Here you can see how the contact paper worked with the silhouette, and it was staying on the wood.  It wasn’t the best stick, but it worked much better than the vinyl.


Wood art

I wanted to use a fun color, and I had this turquoise acrylic in my paint stash.  Since the contact paper was on the wood, the next step was to apply the paint.  I had to be very careful because the contact paper could have decided at any minute that it didn’t want to adhere.



Wood art

Here it is  – the finished wood art.  You can see the lines are not as crisp as I would have liked, but I can’t complain. I am very happy with the end result.    I used tweezers to pick up the parts of the contact paper while the paint was still wet, and that caused some of the smear.  From a distance, you can’t tell.  Next up I’ll attach some hooks to the back so I can attach it to our gallery wall. 


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    Well, hey Jordan! I enjoyed reading under your “About Us” heading about you and your mom…y’all are both amazing! Love your monogram! I heard John and Sherry at Haven Conference last year and they were just so interesting, funny, and down-to-earth. I need to get their book now that it is out. I have that same green contact paper that you used in this project…I plan on using it on a St. Patrick’s Day project. I saw your monogram over at Savvy Southern Style.

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    Hi Guys!!!

    What a great gift!! I love the days when you received
    monogrammed items as wedding presents. It’s so
    generic now a days.



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    Hi Janette…

    thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yours to me. I love the concept of a mother/daughter blog! Will definitely be stopping by frequently!

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    I absolutely love this monogram. I would love for you to share you post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us!

    ivyandelephants.blogspot.comam. I must try it.