Young House Love Week, Day 2

Jordan and I decided that a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day on our blog is to feature our spin on one or two projects each day that John and Sherry Petersik developed for their bookYoung House Love (available here) .  Afterall, it’s all about the love, right?  And we’re here to spread it around.  So welcome to “The 2 Seasons Celebrate Young House Love Week.”



Today we are sharing our take on  Project Number 186 – Trim A Lampshade With Ribbon.  When Jordan and I created an attractive laundry area for her a few weeks ago, one of the things we needed to do was cover a bare light bulb with a shade.  Keeping in mind that our goal was to use as much as we could of what she already had on hand and to keep within a budget, we took a lampshade from a lamp that we made for the beer crawl she and Mr. Spring had last year.


IMG 3655 1021x1024 - Young House Love Week, Day 2

Lucky for us, she also had the ribbon on hand, and it was bright and cheery – just what the lampshade and basement needed.


IMG 3661 1024x682 - Young House Love Week, Day 2

Now, we had a problem that John and Sherry didn’t have.  Their lampshade was a drum shade, and so the top and the bottom were the same size, and consequently, their ribbon did not pucker the way ours did.  Our lampshade was smaller at the top then at the bottom, and so the ribbon didn’t fit as well.  That’s okay, though.  We were using what we had, and  keeping in mind that it was an major improvement over a bare light bulb.


Laundry shade 1024x682 - Young House Love Week, Day 2

We had to actually hang it upside down, but it is doing its job.



misc laundry 1024x627 - Young House Love Week, Day 2

There is so much going on in this newly revamped laundry area that the puckers don’t matter.

Take care.