Make This Rug From A Child’s Play Mat

Update:  I have had this rug in my laundry room for three years and it is holding up great!

Rug after 1024x454 - Make This Rug From A Child's Play Mat

When Jordan and I overhauled her basement and made a laundry area, one of our projects was to make a large and cushiony area rug to add some pop to her painted concrete floor.



IMG 3649 1024x682 - Make This Rug From A Child's Play Mat

She had “pinned” some photos of rugs that started out as these colorful play mats for children.  A package containing four squares can be purchased here on Amazon or at most home improvement stores for a few dollars.  We bought two packages, and when we got them home, we decided the size by connecting the squares and letting the floor try it on for size.  A rug two squares wide and three squares long would work.  We then divided the rug-painting process up into several mini-steps.



Rug measured better 682x1024 - Make This Rug From A Child's Play Mat

She kept telling me it would be simple, but I had my doubts.  Once again, she was right.  That’s my girl!!!  First, we applied several thin coats of basic primer and let each coat dry thoroughly before adding another.   After the primer dried for a couple of days, we determined how wide we wanted each stripe to be.  She wanted black on both ends, and our mat was 63 inches long.  We did the math and decided that there would be nine stripes and each one would be seven inches wide.  I then used a yard stick and a level to draw lines onto the primed mat using a pencil.  The nice thing about this is that you can make your stripes any size and color you want.



Rug painting 623x1024 - Make This Rug From A Child's Play Mat

Then I taped off the sections making sure that I pressed the tape down really well.  Any leaks could ruin the final result.  The paint was slightly sticky, so I slowly moved the roller back and forth.



Rug progress 1024x682 - Make This Rug From A Child's Play Mat

I used a teeny can of Rustoleum latex glossy black paint.  She let it dry for a day and then sprayed  a clear sealer on top.  Again, she let it cure a few days before stepping on it.



Rug after 1024x454 - Make This Rug From A Child's Play Mat

I was most concerned about getting the stripes straight and the math right, and you can see that I succeeded on both counts.



Rug full shot 1024x736 - Make This Rug From A Child's Play Mat

This little project was the perfect way to make her basement floors get some personality.  Hmmm.  For some reason I’m hungry for Oreos.


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  1. says

    This is such a fantastic idea. I love the graphic pattern of the rug, and it is the perfect material for a laundry area. Definitely pinning this!


  2. says

    Hi ladies, This is such a great idea for a rug and I love how it turned out. Thank you for sharing this project at the Open House party.
    xx, Sherry

  3. Cornelia says

    What an original idea on making a mat rug. I like the idea of cushion under my feet while I am standing in place. This would be a great idea for my laundry room as well. Nice results!

    I like the scarf Mom is wearing in the profile photo.