Wash Day Blues Revisited

Each month Mom and I like to republish a post from the same month of last year.  For February we picked this one that my mom wrote.  Since the reveal of my revamped laundry room was so well-received last week, we thought you might enjoy seeing this one again.




I recently came across a little treasure for our laundry room.  It will join the antique wash board (here) and ironing board  in our palladian blue laundry room.  The marble table I use for folding laundry is the perfect spot for it.



This was a gift from my mother a few years back, and it’s been hiding in our basement since our move.



It has a lot of interesting details.


The company’s name was Anchor Brand, and of course, its logo was an anchor.  The company was located in Erie, PA, so I suppose the owners went boating on Lake Erie or the Erie Canal????



The wet clothes were put between these rollers that would then wring out the water.




The rollers turn when someone manually turns this crank.



These clamps held this roller contraption onto a large wooden or zinc tub where the clothes were actually washed by hand probably with a wash board.





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It probably looked like this.




It fits right in with the other accessories in the laundry room, including…..



this washboard and ……





this old ironing board.  Doesn’t this make you thankful for electricity and automatic washers and dryers?

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Take care.

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    Oh I do remember my mom using one of those ringers, I thought turning the crank was fun when I was a kid. So much work. Yours is gorgeous and in perfect condition. Love it. Great post. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty