Painting a Washer and Dryer

Another name for this post could have been how to make a very old washer and dryer look well……almost new.  Yesterday I gave you a view of the new and improved basement laundry room.  Today I am going to show you how painting my old washer dryer made a huge difference.





These are what I started with, but I can’t complain. They work great and came with the house so they were free….sort of.    Plus, I only use the dryer in the winter months (which can be a lot of months here in Syracuse), and then I try to hang my clothes outside to dry on my retractable clothesline when the weather turns warm.

All I wanted was for these two bad boys to match and look not as old as they really show.  It was nothing some white paint couldn’t fix.   I love painting furniture so I figured this wouldn’t be any different.  I started off by wiping down the machines and making sure they were clean.


I used Rustoleum high performance protective enamel in white semi gloss.  This is an oil based paint so beware. It is not as user friendly as latex. They have lots of colors, but I wanted to keep it simple since I had an outgoing fabric in my laundry room.



Washer and Dryer painted

As I was rolling the paint I realized I didn’t prime.  Whoops.  Instead I did three thin coats, and it gave great coverage.  It hasn’t been that long but it has been holding up nicely.



Washer/Dryer after

The white looked great, but I thought I would have some more fun with my Silhouette Cameo.  I had such great success with the dog food tin that I thought I would cut out some more vinyl letters.  I kept it simple by just adding the words Wash and Dry.    I thought it was a cute addition.  I kept our machines somewhat plain and simple, but there are tons of ideas on Pinterest if you want to get fancy.




You can see they fit in nicely with everything else we did in the laundry area.   If you were to paint your washer and dryer what color would you do?  Be sure to come back next Monday, and we’ll show you how we made the rug from a multi-colored foam floor mat.



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  1. says

    Great idea to paint, looks wonderful and the lettering is so cute!

    I too noticed your new profile picture, you are both such pretty ladies and it is a beautiful shot of you both. I will always remember your other one though, I loved how your mom looked at you…her face radiated, “I love my girl to pieces”, priceless!!!


  2. Phyllis says

    Amazing difference! Great ideas. It will make the long winter laundry duty more cheerful. I like to hang out my laundry when weather permits. You can’t beat that fresh air smell!

  3. says

    Jordan, What a great idea to modernize those older models! Love the vinyls too. Maybe I should paint the old fridge in the garage…. it’s looking a bit grungy! 🙂