Easy DIY Desk Pad

Thank you everyone who participated in our Birthday Week Giveaway.  We have a winner.  Congratulations to Jan who won our drawing for a $50 Etsy gift card.  Jan, we have sent an email to you.

I usually have a calendar desk pad on my desk, but I decided to change it up this year and make a fun colorful one for my desk.



Desk before

Without a desk pad my desk looks kinda blah.



Desk before

Our study is a work is progress, but in one corner is this beautiful roll top desk that was given to me by my parents when they down-sized.  I always loved this desk in our house growing up, and I am thrilled to be able to work at it.  When I am not traveling for work, I work from home.  This is actually a piece of furniture that I won’t paint.




I made one of these desk pads years ago and thought it would be easy enough to make again.  I started with some foam board I had on hand.  I purchased some fun colorful fabric to use and some ribbon.  I thought this fabric would be cheery when I looked outside on those grey Syracuse days.



Iron Fabric

The first thing I did was iron the fabric.



Set up

Then I placed the foam board over the fabric and cut around leaving about one to two inches to fold over.  This foam board was on hand and looks a little beat up, but it worked fine.


Glue fabric to board

I took a glue gun and put some glue on the back of the board and folded up the fabric.  I pulled the fabric tight.




I wanted to add an area where I can put notes on the desk pad so they wouldn’t get lost.  I marked four inches in on the foam board and made a line where I would glue the ribbon.  I pulled the ribbon very tight also.



Close up

Here it is!  What  a fun and easy new desk pad for my desk!  If I get tired of the fabric, it will be easy to change and update the look.




The foam board is still sturdy enough to write on, yet it protects the desk.  Well, I guess I now better get back to work!


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  1. Jan says

    What a fun and pretty desk pad for sure! I just wanted to also say…I am excited about being your Birthday winner of the Etsy card! Thank you!!! Jan 🙂