A Williamsburg Wreath

Since we live in an historic neighborhood, and our townhouse has a very colonial/Williamsburg style facade, I try to respect that when adding simple Christmas decorations the public will see.



IMG 3945 999x1024 - A Williamsburg Wreath

I love boxwood wreaths, and think they give a nice nod to the past.


IMG 3946 1024x994 - A Williamsburg Wreath

Our door is a very dark blackish green, and just the boxwood wouldn’t show up much at all.  To add some color, I attached a simple plaid wired bow that matches the bows in our courtyard, and some red wooden apples.


IMG 3948 1024x681 - A Williamsburg Wreath

I was afraid the birds and squirrels would pick at real apples, so these wooden ones are the next best thing. I attached them using a glue gun.


IMG 3951 1024x681 - A Williamsburg Wreath

Lucky for me, a neighborhood greenhouse makes the boxwood wreaths, so I know this one is fresh.  Also, it gives me the chance to once again support a small family-owned local business.


IMG 3947 959x1024 - A Williamsburg Wreath

This wreath, two evergreens in pots, and electric candles in our windows complete the decorations in the front.  It all fits right in with the character of the neighborhood.


Take care.


  1. says

    Love it! And yes, boxwood is just beautiful. I use small wooden apples in a glass bowl on the table, stick in a few Nandina stems and maybe a magnolia leaf: instant holiday decor.
    Looking forward to your post re. D.C.!!