Here’s a Perfect Dirty Santa Gift for Under $10.00

Tis the season of Dirty Santas, White Elephants, and Yankee Swaps.  (I never heard it called Yankee Swap till we moved the North.)  These are small gifts that add some humor and fun to many holiday celebrations.  There is usually a price point, and the mission is to exchange some cute possibly less than desirable gifts.  We had a Yankee Swap in our neighborhood, and I decided it would be fun to make something I was hoping the Yanks didn’t know about – “Red Neck Wine Glasses”.


Red Neck wine glasses

I bought two candle sticks at the dollar store and had a ton of mason jars remaining from our canning adventures.  I also had epoxy glue on hand from this project.


Red Neck wine glass

Making the wine glasses is simple –  as in two steps.   All you have to do is put the epoxy glue on the candlestick, and stick the mason jar on top.


Red Neck Wine Glasses

Then you need to wait a while for the glue to set.



Red Neck wine Glasses

It would have been tacky and classless to give two wine glasses made from mason jars without pairing them with some wine.  Nothing could top a bottle of Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s.



Red Neck Glasses

This little gift was well-received at the Yankee Swap.  They got it – the joke I mean.  I packaged it up in a cute bag, and it came in way under $10.00.  However, the laughs and fun this gift gave us were priceless.

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    I had never seen these until a few weeks ago at a craft booth. They were so cute and very unique! Yours turned out great and so inexpensive!! I love the added bonus of the two buck chuck ( which by the way is a pretty good tasting wine that I have cooked with on many occasions) and the way you packaged them is so cute!! Sounds like a really fun swap.