Paisley Becomes Christmas Pillows

Last week I shared with you a probably unoriginal idea of how I can get fabric for pillows to go twice as far (here).  I put that technique to use again when I made two red paisley pillows from fabric (here) left over from our powder room.


IMG 3854 1024x681 - Paisley Becomes Christmas Pillows

I made two plain 18-inch square pillows and bought down inserts to use with them.


IMG 3855 1024x681 - Paisley Becomes Christmas Pillows

Thanks to using two 18-inch pieces of drop cloth for the backs, I was able to get the two pillows out of the remnant of fabric.  The whole project took less than half an hour.


IMG 3878 1024x681 - Paisley Becomes Christmas Pillows

I paired them up with two green Pottery Barn pillows that I already had and added a brown one to keep it interesting.   Now Christmas has arrived on the great room sofa.  See those Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples?  Aren’t they perfect for Christmas?  I’m going to add some fresh greenery so they’ll have another layer.



IMG 3922 1024x681 - Paisley Becomes Christmas Pillows

The green pillows highlight the greens in the fabric, but when paired with blue or yellow pillows, they’ll take on a different look.  They won’t speak Christmas anymore.


IMG 3923 1024x681 - Paisley Becomes Christmas Pillows

And just think, I got this traditional Christmas look using what I have on hand.  Love it!!!

Take care.

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    That is amazing! I have one on my wish list but I have never found one I could afford. They are perfect for decorating year round…and yours is HUGE! Happy holidays!

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    I can’t sew so of course I’m impressed. Instant Christmas decor with pillows and color. Love the fresh fruit for color…it’s a great design tool.