Make Your Own Fresh Potpourri

Certain smells always remind me of certain times and places.  For instance, my grandmother’s potpourri is always simmering this time of year in our kitchen.  Last year I wrote about it (here), but this week my mom put together a little fresh potpourri concoction from items she had in her kitchen.  She didn’t have to buy a thing to make it.




It’s so easy and in just a matter of minutes, you can assemble your own.  Here is what you do:

1.  First, eat two oranges about two days before you want to make your concoction.  Then let the peels dry out.  You could probably speed this up by popping them into the microwave for a few minutes.


2.  Then go to your spice drawer and get some cloves and cinnamon.  The proportions will depend on how many orange peels you have.


3.  Then gather some fresh rosemary from your herb garden or buy some at the market.



Put them in a neat little pile and gently mix them with your fingers.



She put her potpourri on a little plate that belonged to my great-grandmother, and it looks really nice just sitting on her carrara marble kitchen counter.



You can enhance its fragrance by adding a few drops of oil of cinnamon now and then.

 Have a great week-end.  Be sure to come back next week because I’ll be sharing my friend Amanda’s kitchen makeover.



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    Oh I love making potpourri and this just looks so pretty and I bet it smells wonderful.Just bought some oranges the other day and I have the spices and believe it or not we still have rosemary growing in our herb garden. Looks like I am fixed up to make some of this tomorrow. Thanks!!