DIY This Old House Bar

Jordan has been holding out on me.  When we spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her, I was constantly seeing little projects she had done but didn’t consider them blog worthy.  Believe, me….they were.  But the biggest and best project of all was the bar that Mr. Spring built…from scratch using pine and mahogany woods.



Bar great 1024x682 - DIY This Old House Bar

They subscribe to This Old House magazine, and the plans were in it.  I think it’s pretty darn cool!!!



Bar front 1024x682 - DIY This Old House Bar

The bar sits in the corner of their Florida room which has seen many upgrades since they moved in.  They replaced the windows, replaced the ugly tile with hardwoods, added a day bed, created a game table and now the bar.  My favorite part of it is the foot-rest.  Jordan couldn’t talk him into purse hooks, though.



Bar inside 1024x682 - DIY This Old House Bar

The backside of the bar has a nice shelf for napkins, bar accessories, and glasses.   


Bar good 1024x682 - DIY This Old House Bar

They purchased the stools at Overstock.



Bar mom 682x1024 - DIY This Old House Bar

I enjoyed resting and sipping  a little cocktail hour refreshment while test-driving the new bar.



Bar getting used 682x1024 - DIY This Old House Bar

The bar comes in handy when there’s a crowd, like our crew at Thanksgiving.  Here I’m serving our Canadian friend Braydn.  He is an architect student at Cornell and needed a home-cooked meal.  Behind him is our son Cory who is sampling the pre-dinner snacks that his girlfriend Josie prepared.  (Cory has a music blog at here).



Bar at night 1024x770 - DIY This Old House Bar

I think Mr. Spring did an amazing job.  When the sun goes down and the lights come on, the bar is a perfect little retreat at the end of the day.


Take care.



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    That is incredible!! They make a great team and I’m seriously impressed. It is beautiful and we are so glad you shared it with us at Inspiration Friday!

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    WOW! I have been eyeing some bars over on pinterest for my wedding. I figured we could make one then after the wedding we can take it to our own house! I was originally looking at lots of bars that were more rustic and some even make out of pallets or just mismatched wood but this totally blows all of them out of the water. Much more prettier! Now I am stuck as to go the rustic route or this route!?! whats a girl to do?