I Am Seeing the Barefoot Contessa

Yippee!!!  You know how sports lovers love Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lance Armstrong, Tim Tebow,  Tom Brady, etc., etc., etc.?  Well, I’m a cooking lover, and I love me some Ina Garten, also known as The Barefoot Contessa.


Stay with me here.  A few weeks ago Mr. Autumn and I were enjoying these scenes as we happily pedaled our bicycles from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC where I would be hearing Ina speak.  She was to be my reward at the end of six days of cycling.  But Mother Nature and her friend Hurricane Sandy had other plans.  On Day 5 of the trip, with 30 miles remaining, we were greeted by an officer who informed us the C & O canal trail that we were following was closed.  As he explained, the high winds and pouring rains made it too dangerous for us to continue riding on a trail surrounded by huge trees.  He let us pedal to that day’s destination, which took three more hours, but then we had to stop.



You all know the rest of the story.  Not only were we happily stranded at a B & B in historic Harpers Ferry, WV, but Ina was unable to get there from her home on Long Island.  Not to worry, though.  The “Evening with Ina Garten” has been rescheduled for Dec. 12, and I will be flying this time.  The tickets are purchased, and I am really excited about it. 


I have featured many of Ina’s recipes on this blog, like this gazpacho. Other faves that I shared with you are goat cheese tart, watermelon mojitos, madeleines, orange pound cake, spinach pie, pesto,  chocolate cake, and rosemary cashews.  Hopefully, when her new book gets in my paws, I’ll be featuring a lot more.


Take care.

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  1. says

    I, too, adore Ina and have got to meet her twice — when she did a tour to the big city near us — once it was up close and personal and my two seconds in front of her while she signed “Ina” was a magical moment — the last time she had an hour conversation and question and answer period.

    Enjoy your time with Ina — it is magical!

    Oh, and the new book is as good as the others — I’ve already made cherry tomatoes provencal, crispy English potatoes and the 1770 meatloaf. Winners all — but then I’ve never been disappointed with an Ina recipe.

  2. Madonna says

    Ina just makes me a better cook. Her recipes are so reliable. Everything I have made from her books work. I think maybe some of the other authors have not tested to the degree she does. I am so happy for you to get to meet her. I hope you will post about it.

  3. says

    Morning Janette!

    I too love Ina’s easy going simple recipes and have 3 of her books and am about to purchase her newest.

    I hope you enjoyed your stay in Harpers Ferry; I live 3 miles from there and you probably passed me on your bikes!!lol (Of course I would have been in a car) I envy your stamina and fitness to be able to bike for that distance with all the crazies on the road these days. The trail through Leesburg I’ve passed many many times.

    I’m a new follower and look forward to many more visits.

    Have a fun day,
    Sincerely, Jeannette