We Installed Our New Oven!!!

Slowly we have done some upgrades to our kitchen.  We have painted the cabinets, added a tile backsplash, and now we have added a new oven and cabinet.  Our kitchen appliances work, but we knew that in time we wanted to get new ones that would be more attractive and energy efficient. We always read that January is the best month to buy appliances, because they are all on great markdowns since the new models are being introduced. We always knew that a new oven would be our first appliance purchase. Since we hosting our first Thanksgiving for 16 people, buying a better oven became a priority. Otherwise, we would have issues on Turkey Day.


Old Oven

 Our oven was so small that it couldn’t handle a cookie sheet, so we knew a large turkey would not fit.  Plus the knobs were all worn down so much that we couldn’t see the temperatures.  We always had to guess which temp the oven was set on, and that is not always a good thing.  Of course, in the excitement of  out with the old and in with the new, I forgot to take a photo, but here is our old oven.  R.I.P.


Oven Cabinet before

The oven was in a cabinet that the previous owner built.  I never really liked it since it didn’t go all the way to the ceiling which was totally wasted space.  (I should mention that the previous owner was a single male who had amazing carpentry skills but not always the best design skills).

We decided since we were going to do a built-in oven that we should go ahead and get a double oven.  Not only will that come in handy for Thanksgiving but for other times throughout the year.  We read our Consumer Reports and shopped around at three area stores to see what we liked and to compare the prices.


GE Profile(Source)

We picked out our favorite model, shown here, based on the info we collected.  Our last stop was Home Depot to see their selection, and we went to the scratch and dent section.  Imagine the screeching sound of brakes and us doing high-fives when we saw our choice oven with a discount tag hanging from it . We love that while this is a double oven, it only takes a little more space than a single oven.  Plus, the top oven is small and perfect for pizza, cookies, a casserole or any one item.  It makes cents sense not to heat a huge oven when it isn’t necessary.



The savings

It was such a great deal. We knew this since we are smart shoppers and checked different stores. H.D.’s original price was the same as its competitors.  Score!!!   With the savings and time being an issue, we decided to order a cabinet that will look built in and hold the oven.  We ordered the cabinet from Home Depot as well.



The corner for the oven

Once Mr. Spring removed the old cabinet, he realized he had to do a couple of things before putting in the new one.  We had to special order the new cabinet, and the wait time was a of couple weeks.  That gave him some time to work on  these projects.



Cutting off trim.

This new cabinet is larger and deeper so in order for it to be against the wall he had to cut off some of our baseboard.




The next step was to remove the old electric box and install it higher on the wall.  I was out of town for work when this all happened.



New Cabinet

This is the new cabinet that we ordered.  Since our house was built in 1928, Mr. Spring had to deal with its settling and not everything being level.  That added an extra challenge.


New cabinet

It is looking good at this point.   Next up is the oven.



New cabinet

Once the cabinet was in, the tough part was moving the oven in.  I was not able to help bring the oven in the house since it was sooooo heavy.  Plus, since we bought the floor model, it didn’t come in a box, and we didn’t have anything to really grasp.  To pick it up and lift in on this  make shift table, Mr. Spring bought lifting straps so he could use his forearms.  Amazingly, with these straps, just the two of us were able to lift the oven up onto this table.



New Cabinet

With the cabinet and oven in place, Mr. Spring had to add the detail work, like moldings to make it look built-in.



Adding knobs

The style of the doors match our kitchen’s existing cabinets, and we wanted to use the same hardware.  Mr. Spring marked the spots before he drilled the holes.



New Cabinet After

Here, it is all in and ready to be used.



New Cabinet

I love the look, and that corner now looks finished.  Plus, I have so much more storage for large bowls etc.


Cabinet with turkey

We couldn’t be happier since now we know it will fit our 21 pound turkey we are serving on Thanksgiving.  I am thrilled we are hosting.   Not only will we be spending time with our families, but it was the incentive to buy our new oven.


Is there anything you are doing to your house to get it ready for the Thanksgiving holiday?


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