Free Coffee Table Becomes Fab Game Table

Well, they say things happen when you least expect them, and that was true for my next project.  I was heading out to run some errands, and I drove by a neighbor’s who recently had a garage sale.  It turns out that they had some things that didn’t sell, and they didn’t want to deal with them.  They placed the rejects beside the street with a sign that said “Free”.  I saw a coffee table and hit the brakes.  Thanks to all of my blog reading and “pinning”, I knew I could convert it into the perfect game table for our  Florida room.



Coffee table

Here it is and it was originally marked $20, but I got it for zero which was a great deal if I say so myself.  Before I started reading and writing blogs, I would never have thought to take something from the side of a street.  Anyway, we had a coffee table in our Florida room, but it was larger than I wanted.  When I saw this, I knew it was the one.



Chair from Pier one

The hardest part of this whole transformation was trying to figure out a color to use.  I pulled out a shade I like in a Pier One chair that sits in our living room.  (Gracie likes taking her nap sometimes in the living room, so this blanket was put there for her.  She was exhausted.  I was making all sort of noise and she didn’t budge.)  Instead of bringing home tons of different paint samples,  I used the Sherwin Williams App and took a picture of the flower on the chair and they matched it right up.


Coffee table


Here is is now, and I love it.  Wow!!!  What a difference.  I painted the top with chalkboard paint.  The Florida room is sort of our game/bar room so this table is perfect for keeping score during our games.  Plus, I never have to search for paper.  I can keep chalk and an eraser in the drawer, and we are ready to play.


Coffee table

The color is Grandview by Sherwin Williams.  The day bed you see in the background came from Ikea.  We use it as a sofa during the day, but it can turn into a king bed for guests.  It’s also perfect to relax in when I am reading magazines.

Coffee table

The rug is also from Ikea, and I have had it since my days living in San Francisco.  It works for now. I do love all the fun colors, and they help add to the cheeriness of this room.  It gets lots of natural light which helps us get through our long, long, long winters.  I guess calling it the Florida room makes it sound even cheerier!!!



Coffee Table

I know this coffee/game table with get lots of use.  We love playing games, and if you have never played Taboo, you must.  It is a blast!!  Go Team A!!


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    What a brilliant idea! You certainly chose the right color too! We are a game playing family and this table would be a fabulous addition to our home!!! I am leaving sooooo inspired. Hope you join TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS tonight with your great fun game table!

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    Hey there it’s Tammy from Barefoot in Bluejeans, found you on FB and ended up here on your blog and love it! Great transformation on the coffee table. Don’t you just love what paint does.

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    I cannot believe that is the same table. Talk about vision. I know the table is even happy that it looks this awesome. I would love for you to share this inspirational post at our What’s it Wednesday linky party. Hope you can join us!


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    I love the coffee table transformation. First off, I am wild about the aqua color you chose for the table base. I’ve been trying to integrate more of that color into my home & love it especially to liven up a piece of furniture. Secondly, I LOVE LOVE the chalk board top. Would have never thought of that! Thirdly, I see a lot of bloggers who use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or milk paint when repainting furniture that already has a stain or varnish on it. If yours came from SW, I assume it was regular latex paint? Did you use flat or semigloss? Also, what prep did you do (sand? prime?) and did you put any protective coating (poly?) over the top? Am always thinking thru the best way to repaint furniture so it will both look good and that it will be durable for kids. Would love your feedback.Great job on the amazing tabl!e!!!

    • says

      Hi MK,

      Thanks for the kind words. I am actually a blogger who has never used Annie Sloan chalk paint. I did make my own once when I repainted an old hutch but other than that I am happy with semi gloss paint. For the prep I did sand the whole area and give a coat of primer. I feel the prep work is so important and it really holds up in the end. I did not do any coating after I painted because I was happy with the look. As for the chalkboard I gave it an extra coat just to make sure it was really coated and would hold up well to chalk. Hope that answers your questions. If you have any more feel free to let me know.


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    This is a terrific idea, Jordan. I’m always so amazed by the cast-offs people find and then do such marvelous things with them. Children would love that chalkboard top!