Meet Samantha

My mom has been taking art classes for a little over a year.  She took a photo of a hen and decided it would be a good subject for her emerging skills.  You also might want to hop over and read about Marie Bee.

I have mentioned a few times on our blog that I have been taking painting classes in oils for the past year.  Since we travel so much, it takes a long time from the beginning to the end of a painting.  However, this week I finished one measuring 9 x 12  and I am really proud of it.


IMG 2150 1024x876 - Meet Samantha

When I visited a honey farm last spring, I took lots of photos of the farm animals.  I particularly liked this little lady and decided to paint her.


Samantha bodyshot 1024x794 - Meet Samantha

 Meet Samantha.


Samantha Head shot 1024x681 - Meet Samantha

I am really happy with her.  I think her personality shines through.


Samantha Collage 1024x512 - Meet Samantha

Here they are side by side.  (The green you see at the bottom of the painting is the fern that it was leaning against).


Samantha framed 1024x681 - Meet Samantha


She is resting here on a fern in the courtyard for photo purposes only, but her permanent home will be in the foyer.  The nail is in the wall and waiting for her.


IMG 3451 1024x695 - Meet Samantha

Considering she is nesting in a bed of straw, the frame might be a little too formal for her, but it was one I had on hand.  It was originally a brass color, but I changed it up by adding some black paint and then rubbing it off.  That keeps the straw from blending right into the frame.  Now the frame and Samantha are both dark, and they work well together.


IMG 3440 1024x681 - Meet Samantha

Now that Samantha is finished, I have already selected my next subject.  (I love saying that).


DSCF34561 1024x768 - Meet Samantha

So, this is it.  I took this photo at the Monet exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden in August.  I have lots of flower photos, but getting one with the bumble bee in the perfect spot sealed the deal.  Wish me luck.


Take care.

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  1. says

    Oh Janette, it’s so lovely! I want to take painting classes! How fun that would be! You really did capture her spirit.

  2. says

    Your painting turned out beautifully. You really captured the details. Love the frame too. Look forward to seeing your flower and bee painting when you’re finished.

  3. says

    Oh I love your painting…so impressed and good for you for putting your talent to work… I think the frame is perfect…love the contrast of the fancy frame with the farm animal. Can’t wait to see the next one.


  4. says

    Your painting is lovely! Samantha looks very realistic and happy!! I love painting with oils, but I stopped doing it because it was making me ill! Have fun with your next ‘subject’!!! I’ll be following along now!! =) Deanna