Movie on the Lawn Party-Take 2

We decided to do it again – host a neighbor “movie on the lawn party”.  Come along to see some of the fun this year.  Like last year, we chose September because we couldn’t start the movie till the sun goes down.  That eliminates the summer months when it is still daylight at 9:30 pm.  If we waited till much later in the season, we could have snow.  We have to consider possible obstacles like that when living in Syracuse.


Movie on the lawn

The biggest decision in planning the whole party was which movie to show.  We finally decided on “Back to the Future”, and it was a crowd favorite.  There is a reference to the year 2012 in it.  Of course, you can’t have a movie without a popcorn machine which we rented at our local party rental store.



Movie on the lawn

These popcorn containers have come in very handy.  I purchased them for last year’s movie party (herehere, andhere) at Target, and I am happy to report they are holding up well.  They go in our movie bin each year along with the screen and projector.



Movie on the lawn

A candy bar is another must for a movie party so here are some of the sweets.  You can read how to make your own candy bowls here.



Movie on the lawn

I wanted something savory to go with the popcorn and sweets.  One of my neighbors brought an amazing Buffalo chicken dip, and I made some sausage balls.  However, the only thing I actually got a picture of were these mini pigs in a blanket.  These were much better than the ones I have made in the past.  Come back Friday, and I will have the recipe for you to try.



Movie on the lawn

Along with soft drinks, lemonade, beer and wine, I needed to make sure every one stayed hydrated. I bought water and personalized it.   This was very easy. I took off the labels that were on the bottles and added cute scrap book paper to fit.  On each one I stamped our custom monogram, which was an engagement gift from my parents.  This extra touch was super easy, fast and so personal.  I love how they turned out.



Movie on the lawn

The night before the movie party we found out someone in our neighborhood had been diagnosed with the West Nile virus.  Who knows if it was from our area of town, but we wanted to be safe rather than sorry.  I think I went crazy on the types of bug solution I bought.   My favorite is by Eco Natural Soap.  Alicia had me review her mosquito repellant  this summer, and I LOVE it.  It went on every camping trip with me.



Movie on the lawn

After the movie we wanted people to hang around, and they did.  I think the glow sticks helped!


Movie on the lawn

The movie screen was simple to make.  We hung  a white sheet between two large trees.  We decided to add the red “curtains” to the side for a little classic theater touch.  The size was perfect.  The only thing that is not perfect is our dying large grass on the left.  Due to the dry summer it had a hard time.


Movie on the lawn

Since this was mostly a party for our neighbors, no one was far from home, but I wanted them to at least have a safe journey down our driveway.  I used these popcorn bags to make luminaries.


We are already starting to think for our movie for next year.  I would love to know, what movie would you show?


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  1. Rick S says

    I have been wanting to do this for so long. My wife and I live on a cul-de-sac so our yard is large and surrounded by the neighbors. Feels like Central Park. It would be a great way to get together.
    I think your next movie should be The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew Mcconaughey. There are 2 scenes located at an outdoor movie in a Park. They munch on M&Ms at the movie. The Matthew Broderick movie Godzilla would be a second pick. think what you could serve for muchies.


  2. Carolyn Rasnick says

    Where do you find the time to do all these cute projects? Personalized water bottles, those cute little signs, the luminarias, the candy bowls…. you are amazing girl!! Hope “Mr. Spring” appreciates all of your talents. Of course, he seems pretty handy too!! Truly a match made in heaven I think!!

  3. says

    Oh Jordan I loved the way you decorated for last years movie but I think you have surpassed it this year!! The bottles look awesome and those mini pigs in a blanket look so tasty. Also thanks so much for the nice recommendation of our Don’t Bug Me balm. We are so glad that you like it!