Fall is Spoken Here

Greetings everyone!!!  Have you ever heard the saying, “Beginning is halfway there?”  You know all of those projects you keep putting on the back burner cause you just don’t want to start them, but then when you do, they take just the minimum effort to complete?  Well, that’s what I’m talking about.



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For some reason on Saturday something clicked, and I decided to work on that list.  For instance, I bought this little box for just $3.99 at a thrift store near Jordan’s last spring.  It has been gathering dust in my craft room ever since.


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I actually started storing my craft room tools in it – all two of them.


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But for some reason when I walked into my craft room to put an armful of sandals into the cedar closet that is in there, I saw the box sitting there, and it was speaking to me and begging for some attention.  I grabbed the only can of Annie Sloan paint that I own and painted the first coat.  Then I put the painter’s tape on it…. (Duh!!!)  Those two steps took all of five minutes.  Then I went back upstairs to continue working in my closet.


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Since that paint dries so quickly, I was able to apply another coat when I went down to get my cashmere sweaters that have been stored in the cedar closet all summer.  After a few more trips, the box was dry enough to sand.


IMG 3391 1024x681 - Fall is Spoken Here

I really liked the way the original design peeked through.  Then I applied some dark Briwax and removed the tape.  Some of the paint seeped under the tape, but that was okay.  I sanded it away, and then some of the trim finish sanded off, too.  I liked it.  I had a few shades of metal finishes to add even more interest.


IMG 3408 1024x715 - Fall is Spoken Here


I removed the tools, vacuumed the lining and took it to the table in the foyer.  I gathered up some gourds and bought a planter that has a mixture of indoors plants in it, including something orange.


IMG 3414 1024x681 - Fall is Spoken Here

It really pops against the dark wood of the drop-leaf table.  Also, the cream can/turned lamp that my mother tole painted has the perfect colors for the foyer vignette.


IMG 3421 1024x681 - Fall is Spoken Here

 It definitely sends out the right message:  “It’s fall, it’s my favorite month, and we’re happy”.


IMG 3425 681x1024 - Fall is Spoken Here

Fall is spoken here!!!


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But the bottom line is that with just about 15 minutes of effort using materials I already had, my little $3.99 box is now worthy of a supporting actor role in the foyer rather than being used as a two-tool caddy in the basement.


I also made some pillows on Saturday that have been on my list for a year, and Mr. Autumn and I worked on turning a former television armoire into  a proper shoe closet.  I’ll be sharing both of those projects with you soon.  How about you?  Did you do any projects from your to-do list this week-end?


Take care.

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    I think my life is one big Project, Janette! Your project turned out great and I agree, sometimes you just have to dive in and get started!

  2. says

    I love what you did with your little box. It’s perfect in your vignette! I have a multitude of unfinished or never started projects! Right now, though, all my attention is turned to making a quilt for the baby granddaughter we’re expecting in November and making a quilted blanket for her big brother’s “big boy bed” in his new room! Wish me luck – there are only 7 weeks to go!

  3. says

    It looks lovely Janette and I love those simple projects that have big impact! Can’t wait to see all of your other ones too! 🙂