Lunch at Ralph Lauren’s

After spending two weeks bicycling with me in France, my husband returned home, and I stayed on in Paris for a few days solo.  I love that city, know my way around very well, and really enjoy exploring it on my own.



DSCF4201 2 1024x768 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

I saved my shopping errands for the last day, and while I was out, I decided to have lunch at Ralph’s, which is the American style restaurant tucked into the Ralph Lauren store on St. Germaine.



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I was seated in the wonderful courtyard that was packed full of textures and finishes and loaded with beautiful Ralph Lauren fabrics.



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The brick floor was the back drop for wrought iron tables with metal tops, teak benches, wrought iron chairs, plants held in big wooden crates or baskets, very large umbrellas, and antique pine sideboards.  The main color scheme was navy and white.



DSCF4216 2 1024x768 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

The table top had its own share of textures and finishes with silver (or silver plate), baskets, white linen napkins, blue and white china, crystal, and……



DSCF4211 1024x768 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

miniature red roses tucked into another little basket.



DSCF4212 2 634x1024 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

This little guy looked very American.



DSCF4213 2 1024x768 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

I ordered a turkey burger (no beef for me ever) with a side of fries and slaw.  After three weeks eating rich French food, this girl just needed a burger.  The interesting thing about it was the lettuce topping contained cilantro, which was a nice touch.  There was also some avocado on the burger.  I liked that, too.



DSCF4215 768x1024 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

Ralph’s made a huge faux pas when they first opened and served frozen fries.  The French were appalled, and the reviews were negative.  It didn’t take long for the chef to wise up and serve real fries, freshly cut.  They were brought to my table in a julep cup with parchment tucked inside.



DSCF4214 1024x768 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

Before the main course was served, the blue and white floral charger was removed so that this personalized plate could be the star.



DSCF4221 2 1024x768 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

Here’s a shot of the table across from me.  It shows the combinations of furniture finishes.  (Sorry about this photo’s haziness, but the lighting wasn’t great, and I was trying to not look like a tourist).



DSCF4206 2 1024x768 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

They did a great job mixing their fabrics.  I assume there was a big storage area to protect them during rainy weather.  The area was covered with patio umbrellas, but there was plenty of room for the rain and sun to get through.



DSCF4210 2 1024x768 - Lunch at Ralph Lauren's

I was the only person who appeared to be an American eating in the courtyard.  (I didn’t look at the main dining room indoors).  Anyway, I was too full for dessert, but oddly enough, all of the other people there ordered caramel popcorn for either their dessert or their appetizer.  You can’t get more American than that, even if it was served in a silver bowl.


Be sure to come back because I’ll have some other trip highlights that I think you will enjoy.


Take care.


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      I don’t know why they removed the charger before they served my meal. Maybe burger and fries get a more casual plate than some of their other entrees which would get the floral version.

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    This looks so “Ralph” to me, with the navy blue and the assorted pillows. I would love to dine there. The plates and chargers are gorgeous too, and I could eat one of those fries right off the computer screen. It’s so hard not to look like a tourist in Paris! Linda

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    How wonderful! Love those blue chargers. What a nice treat to dine there. The turkey burger sounds and looks great! Thanks for sharing- I’ll probably never get to France so any view is a good one!