Finally – A Gallery Wall

Everyone is doing it, so I figured I should jump on the gallery wall bandwagon.  I decided to make our gallery on the wall going up our stairs.



Gallery Before

This is the blank canvas.  It has looked like this since we moved in a year and a half ago.



Gallery wall

I did this project when my mom and grandmother were visiting.  It was good to have a couple sets of eyes while spacing everything out .  I have been thinking and planning what would go on the wall for a while.   Because the spacing is so important, we put what we had on the floor and worked from there.  Since then I have deleted and added some things. Come along as I show you some close up of things that made it on the wall.



Gallery wall

Mr. Spring and I love to travel.  This picture was actually taken on our one year wedding anniversary.  We were biking in Holland and there was a beautiful field of tulips.  We had so many cheesy photos joking around in the fields.



Gallery wall

I decided to print out and frame our custom monogram.  This was an engagment gift from my parents, and we love it.  We worked with an artist, and she created a monogram for us with our style.



Gallery wall

This is the key to our first house.  We changed the locks and added keyless locks.




Gallery wall

Here we are traveling in Argentina.  This is on the border of Argentina and Chile.



Gallery wall

For wedding anniversary gifts we are trying to go the traditional route.  This year was our second anniversary, the the traditional gift is cotton.  My mom got us a print of a cotton plant drawing that she found on Etsy. It was perfect for our gallery wall.



Gallery wall

I thought it would be fun to put some pictures up of Mr. Spring and me as kids.



Gallery wall

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it.  I cut out of a map the three states that represent us: Hawaii where we met, Kentucky where we married, New York where we live.  The backing is glass so that you can see through to the wall.



Gallery wall

This is our medal from our first marathon last October.  I was going to put both of our medals in there, but I actually turned one into a Christmas ornament, and it is buried deep in a Christmas bin.




Miss Gracie has some puppy pictures on the wall along with this silhouette I just made.  You can see how to make one for your pet here.



Gallery Wall

  This is going to be a work in progress as I have more space I can fill as needed.  It is fun to see this when I go up the stairs.  All of the frames are black which adds some continuity to the look.




I hope you enjoyed my gallery wall.  Do you have a gallery wall?  If so do add things other than pictures?


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