Garden Tour Finale

When I visited the Rockcastle River Trading Company which is an hour’s drive away from Lexington, I didn’t realize that I would get enough photos to share in three posts.  This will wrap it up, though, with these random shots I had to share.  Previous posts are here and here.



IMG 3034 1024x667 - Garden Tour Finale

For instance, I showed you this tool shed, but I didn’t tell you that it sits beside the vegetable garden.


IMG 3037 1024x681 - Garden Tour Finale

The garden is divided down the middle with pebbles that have round rock discs in them.


IMG 3036 681x1024 - Garden Tour Finale

Several trellises support the pole beans.


IMG 3040 1024x681 - Garden Tour Finale

Flowers grew among the vegetables and ……



IMG 3038 1024x681 - Garden Tour Finale




IMG 30831 1024x833 - Garden Tour Finale

This is a view of the main house that I didn’t show you last week.  I love this angle.



IMG 3088 1024x681 - Garden Tour Finale

Little ceramic bird houses like this were tucked into trees all over the property.  Jon designed them, and they were made by Louisville Stoneware.



IMG 3074 1024x681 - Garden Tour Finale

The shop sells a good selection of his bird houses.



IMG 3076 681x1024 - Garden Tour Finale

I thought this was really unusual.  The guest house had a door knocker made out of a little hand-held garden shovel.



IMG 3099 1024x681 - Garden Tour Finale

This little area is perfect for roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs.  It reminded me of 4-H camp when I was growing up.



IMG 3101 1024x681 - Garden Tour Finale

Instead of putting birds in this cage, Jon added wonderful succulents surrounded by moss and one lone peacock feather.  The plants were enjoying the rain when I was there.


Rockcastle River Trading Company is located about two miles off of Interstate 75 at exit 49 on Highway 25.  If you are ever traveling  this north/south interstate, be sure to take the time to stop in and see all the goodness the shop has to offer.




Take care.




  1. says

    Such lovely photos from the tour. Love the red main house, it looks like a wonderful place to visit and tour. Thanks.

  2. JuneA** says

    Thank you for the great tour! I can’t believe that I’ve not visited it~~we are so fortunate that Kentucky has so many wonderful places to visit! I’ll put this on my ever-growing list 🙂