More of the Garden Tour

When we stopped our Jon Carloftis home place garden tour yesterday (here), I promised that you would see the house, carriage house, and guest house today.  Well, come on because as they say in the south, “time is wastin’.



To get to the house from the shop, we walked through the carriage house.  Jon designed this garage to look like an old-fashioned carriage house, but this one is complete with mirrors and a chandelier.  The skies were overcast at this point, but later on, the rain came.



It even protects this fabulous vintage car.



There are also two trojan-like horses in the carriage house.



After all, this is Kentucky, and we love our horses even when they are on wheels.



Right past the carriage house is the foot bridge.



It is full of more rustic goodness.



Jon started his career designing rooftop gardens in New York City.  He had no connections at first.  He earned his reputation through hard work and unusual and homey designs.



He has designed for famous people like Bette Midler and Julianne Moore among others.



The little red dog house is tucked in beside the bridge.



This is the main house on the property.



The house has its share of sitting areas.



The brick path meanders through the property from the house to the fantastic guest cottage.



The guest house is tucked into a quiet area of the garden.



The guest house has a secret, and I am going to share it with you.



It was once a one-room school house.  It was on another part of the property, and they moved it to its current location.


Although I didn’t go inside, I did step onto the back porch where a vintage checkers game was set up.



I have always wanted a sleeping porch, and this porch could transform into a perfect one.  The river is not too far away, and I’m sure it can be heard on a quiet country night.  How hypnotizing.



A twig fence encloses the guest house garden.


This has been quite the garden tour, but there is more.  I have one more post tucked away to share with you.  Be sure to come back to see it.


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  1. says

    Wow this place is so amazing. I bet you had an awesome time touring it. It has something interesting at every turn and I am looking forward to your next post on it.

  2. says

    what a gorgeous place!

    When I was a little girl we used to go to my grandparent’s “Camp” which was an old one room schoolhouse in Clarian PA !

  3. says

    That is awesome. Love the one room school house. When I was a child in Montana I attende two room school houses until eighth grade when I went to Jr. High. Would love to have one of those on my property for a guest house. How charming.