Thanks, Craigslist


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Now on to business.  Jordan spent a long week-end in California attending a wedding in Napa Valley.  She lived in San Francisco for two years, and so she was excited to show Mr. Spring around her old stomping ground.  While she has been out having fun, I spent some time searching Craigslist for two wrought iron chairs for our courtyard.  You can see some of the early photos of it here.  I only needed two and most people sell sets of four.


IMG 3234 1024x741 - Thanks, Craigslist

Lucky for me, though, I scored these two chairs.  And get this, they were only $20.00.  For both.  I know.  I felt really lucky and happy about that.  All they needed was a fresh coat of black spray paint, and I already had it on hand.



IMG 3230 1024x681 - Thanks, Craigslist

They have some cute little details that dress them up some.  The owner was as thrilled to be rid of them as I was to buy them.



IMG 3233 1024x681 - Thanks, Craigslist

I needed wanted these chairs for two reasons.  First, we needed a sitting area in the courtyard.  Second, if you look closely at the photo, you will see a big white tube going up the side of the chimney.  That is our radon elimination system.  Here in Central Kentucky we have high levels of radon in our soil.  Since we have a basement, we knew there would be a chance that the colorless and odorless gas could seep into our home.  We hired professionals to run a test, and the levels were above the safety zone.  So, we had this system installed, and now our radon is almost undetectable.  I decided to make this area of our courtyard into a sitting area to disguise the tube.



IMG 3227 1024x681 - Thanks, Craigslist

I plan to add a screen behind the chairs as a backdrop to also hide the tube.  It will just be another layer of interest in the area.



IMG 2277 1024x740 - Thanks, Craigslist

The chairs fit in nicely with our existing courtyard furniture and make the whole area look more inviting.


How about you?  Have you scored any deals on Craigslist lately?


Take care.


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  1. says

    Your courtyard is just beautiful and your chairs are so pretty! I am really envious of Jordan being in the San Francisco area. When we lived in California we loved going to Napa.I am sure they are having a wonderful time.

  2. says

    Such a nice courtyard. I would love to sit out there with my morning coffee and listen to the birds. Didn’t know they had systems to get rid of radon.

  3. says

    Coming over from BNOTP. What a great buy! They look wonderful in your courtyard.
    The black iron is such a classic look and with your bricks and pavers it’s perfect!
    So glad you had your radon checked!

  4. Beth says

    I “LIked” you on FB several months ago. I had my similar table and chairs cleaned up and repainted at the end of the summer last year–for the back porch, but the summer has not been pleasant for outdoor dining, until last night. Someday they we be part of the brick patio seating area, BUt in the meantime, they look wonderful. I will eventually have them painted a dark French blue.

  5. says

    Love your chairs and your courtyard, they both are lovely. I do love a good Craigslist find 🙂 Thanks for sharing, visiting from Between Naps on the Porch.

  6. says

    My husband has “forbidden” me to buy or sell on Craigslist! (hee hee, he tried forbidding spray paint as well. I just smile and spray away!) That Craigslist killer messed up the whole thing for me! 🙂