A Sunny Touch in the Laundry Room

Happy Monday.  After I had so much success giving my pantry (here) canisters (here) an update, I decided it was time to show the detergent canister in our laundry room (here, here, and here) some love.


Since it is around detergent, bleach, and dirt, this lid was in worse condition than the pantry canister lids.  That’s okay though.  I followed the same procedure of sanding and then applying three coats of polyurethane.



I guess I showed it too much love because it split where it had been pieced when it was first made years ago.



Thank goodness for super glue.  I heavily glued it and then held it together with my hands for just a few minutes.



Then I topped it with a cute little sunflower pull that I found at Hobby Lobby.  It has nothing to do with the other colors in the room.  It just makes me happy.



I used one of my extra chalkboard labels to identify the contents in the crock.



It looks so fresh and updated now.


You can’t even see where I repaired it – much.



And the nice thing is that the fresh update still looks great with the vintage items I have in the room.


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Take care.

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  1. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says

    Wow, lucky you to have the lid that fits the crock. I like how you are using it for your detergent. Cute idea!

  2. says

    That knob is so cute and what a great idea with the crock. I am now on the lookout for a crock like that for our detergent.