Garden Update

Now that summer is in full force I thought it was time to give you an update on my garden.  You can read about how it all started with a book, here and we went on to make our own square foot garden.  We went crazy planting anything and everything. We decided this would be our trial summer to see what we were successful with and where we need to tweak.


Here it is in the earlier part of the summer.


Here it is today. Everything is huge!

Including the marigolds, which we planted to help keep the deer away.  Yes, even though we live in the city of Syracuse, we have deer.  One night this spring I came home, and six were walking down the sidewalk.  We were able to get rid of the slugs by getting them drunk.  So far so good with the deer.  Our super large marigolds are working.


We are waiting patiently for our Heirloom tomatoes.  We have had a few grape tomatoes, and the roma tomatoes should be ready soon.


We are happy to see we have a pumpkin and a cantaloupe that is not pictured.  We did plant watermelon, but that didn’t take.  Oh well, we are still shocked that so much did grow.


This is from one picking.  We came back from a weekend of camping and were thrilled to come home to these goodies.  We have had so much squash and I love it. I have yet to get sick of it.  These are pickling cucumbers and we made five pints of pickles last night.


Mr. Spring bought these seeds and thought it would be fun to have colored carrots.


I never knew carrots came in so many colors.  I think we could have left some of them in the ground a little longer but again this is all new for us so trial and error.


While I like to think everything produced the perfect offspring, this was one of the carrots – triplets.


Last week we realized we could still plant and harvest.  We started a second round of green beans because we really emjoyed making a variety of recipes with them. We will plant another batch in two weeks.


This is round two of the carrots. I still need to go thin them out now that they are popping up.  This square will produce 16 carrots.  We have started broccoli inside to plant in the fall.  Overall, we have been thrilled with square foot gardening.  We have such a small area, but with this method, we were able to produce not only herbs but veggies that we love.


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    Oh your garden looks amazing!! You would never know that you hadn’t gardened before.I really like those carrots and am going to have to have my husband plant some of them next year, They look so good. Wow how impressive that you have made pickles and your pumpkin is so cite!!