Monet’s Table

When Jordan wrote a blog entry about her trip to see the Monet’s Garden exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden, it reminded me of the book Monet’s Table.


IMG 2657 1024x681 - Monet's Table

Published in 1990, it has tales about Monet’s life at Giverny along with great photos and recipes.


IMG 2661 1024x681 - Monet's Table

It has the kitchen shot.


IMG 2667 1024x681 - Monet's Table

It has the fish shot.


IMG 2670 1024x737 - Monet's Table

There are several photos of the recipes written by Monet who was very particular about how his food was raised and how it was prepared.


IMG 2665 1024x681 - Monet's Table

There are several moody shots of the grounds and flowers at Giverny.  The glare was on the photo in the book.  It’s not my camera playing bad tricks.


IMG 2668 1024x681 - Monet's Table

There are plenty of recipes that have all been rewritten for the American cook.  I can’t wait to try some of them.


IMG 2673 681x1024 - Monet's Table

But meanwhile, I am having a great time reading the book.  Have a fun-filled week-end.  Mr. Autumn and I are in the Virginia mountains bicycling in the annual Bike Virginia tour.


Take care.


  1. Beth says

    I restaurant where we had lunch on our visit to Girverny featured a menu of traditional dishes, but they also had a selection of luncheon items that were from Monet’s menus. I chose a delicious turbot with spanish rice. Three lovely pieces of fish and a small amount of rice. The Spanish rice was perfectly favored–tomatoes, paprika, black olives. The endive salad was refreshing and my dessert was a wonderful creme brûlée –my favorite. The local wine was crisp with a slight hint of apple . It was a perfect ending to my visit on a rainy day in Girverny.

  2. says

    I too have this book and find it enchanting. So much, in fact, that I purchased a set of yellow and blue china for my home. I love the fact that ‘lunch’ was always a sacro sant time in his home. Looks like a perfect bucolic lifestyle. Best, Lisa