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I have been reading the blog Eco Friendly Homemaking for some time now, and Alicia and her husband have a store called Eco Natural Soap.  Their products do not contain harsh chemicals and are all natural.  Plus, they have a huge range of products.  Alicia was kind enough to send me some products to try and review, and let’s just say they were wonderful.



Don't Bug Me Insect Repellent Balm

First of all, this is a must if you plan to be outside at anytime this summer.  It is a bug and mosquito repellent that is a miracle worker.  Mr. Spring and I camp as often as possible in the summer, and we are always loading ourselves up with the insect spray that contains deet.  Then this came along.  We were camping and hiking last weekend, and this product kept us from getting even one bite.  We can’t believe how well it works.  I can’t say enough about “Don’t Bug Me” mosquito repellent.   Now I am really excited to do more camping!


Coconut Milk and Honey

I love anything coconut.  So, as soon as I saw that coconut milk was the name of this moisturizer bar, it had me – just like Jerry Maquire.  I haven’t used bar soap in  a long time because it would always dry out my skin.  This made my skin feel so nice after a shower, and the smell is wonderful.  It’s just what I needed after a weekend of camping.



Cuticle and Nail Relief Balm

As you would expect, Cuticle Relief softens cuticles and  strengthens nails.  I loved the application process and how it was in a tube.  It is so easy to apply that I have been doing it every night for a couple of weeks.  I can really tell a difference in my nails.  They were weak and brittle before, and now they are stronger.  Plus I keep it on my night stand so I won’t forget.



Exotic Butters Luxury Skin Balm

Eco Natural Soap also has a variety of balms.  They are great for dry skin, and they, too, smell amazing.  Last winter I bought the peppermint balm to put on my dry hands at night.  Mr. Spring even had a really dry area on his hand, and within a couple of days of using the balm, it was back to normal.  A little goes a long way.


Overall I was very impressed with the variety of the products and how I have enjoyed each one.  They also sell mineral makeup and other goodies. Also, the shipping is free so be sure to hop over, and check it out at Eco Natural Soap.  

Thanks again Alicia this was so much fun and I am loving all my new finds!

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Although we were given these products to review, we were not paid, and the opinions are ours.





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    I am so excited to see this post :). Living in Georgia and having a mosquito magnet husband, I need this!
    Thank you 🙂