How To Eliminate Garden Slugs

We have an easy and successful way to permanently eliminate slugs from ruining your gardens.  It involves the use of one product and is safe and non-toxic.  A while back I wrote about building a square foot garden for the side of our house.  You can read about that here. While the garden was trying to grow and thrive, we were being inundated with a little pest that was causing big problems.


Here is a current view of our garden.  We are thrilled with how much is growing especially since we started a lot of these veggies and herbs from seeds inside.


This is another view of how the garden is doing.  Our big concern when we were putting in our garden was deer and bunnies.  Even though we live in the city of Syracuse, we do have deer.  One night I was coming home and saw a family of six literally walking down our sidewalk. Knock on wood we haven’t had any issues. We did plant marigolds throughout our garden as a precaution. We have another creature though that is doing some damage.



The slugs have moved into our garden.  I have seen slugs around but now I am really noticing them.  My mom mentioned a little tip that I thought I would try.  Get the slugs drunk.



I started with beer and a couple small tupperware containers.



I took the tupperware and buried the container so it was level with the dirt.  I then filled the container up with beer.



Success!! I put the containers and beer in the garden last night, and by morning the slugs had found their way to the beer and decided to stay and get drunk.  It is recommended to change the beer out daily at dusk because slugs are picky and do not like stale beer.  I only needed to do this trick three nights in a row, and the slug problem was completely eliminated.  In order to make sure they wouldn’t return the following year, I repeated the process when I transplanted our seedlings to the garden in the spring.

Do you have problems with things eating your garden?  If so any tips you would like to share with us?


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    Gosh, I haven’t even thought about slugs and I know we have them around here. Better tell hubby to buy some beer.

  2. says

    Those tramps…….serves them right…….I think if you put a little pole in the middle of the container you’d get even more of “that type”…..just an idea….LOL
    Blessings, Lorraine

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    Your garden is lovely and I like how it is constructed. We have deer, moles, and voles. I do not plant vegetables but they go after my large assortment of flowers and DRINK the birdseed. About Pottery Barn I also won a gift card late last year and it was overwhelming spending that amount of money ($100.00) as I usually spend very little there. I ended up ordering a large cheese board. from my recent photos I bought the plastic hobnail glasses which will be fun for summer and may appear in one of my monthly tablescapes. Thanks so much for the visit. Happy Gardening.

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    UGG! I have them too — they’ve destroyed about 10 of my bean plants! I’ve heard of the beer but just can’t bring myself to see them floating there and having to dispose of them 🙂 I bought some organic, non-toxic pellets made by Ortho that I sprinkled in the garden last night. It’s ‘bait’ that they supposedly can’t resist so they ignore the plants, eat the bait and die . . . maybe a smiley face is not in order here . . . oh well 🙂

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    Oh your garden looks amazing and what an awesome tip about the beer! I had not heard of that but it looks like it worked great.

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    Your garden is looking great. Thanks for the tip. I haven’t seen any slugs yet in ours but I’ll know what to do if they do show up.

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    I’ve heard from other bloggers about this remedy for slugs. We don’t have slugs here because they would literally cook & wouldn’t have to get drunk first. The only things I’ve seen in the garden are geckos & they just like to hide in the shade of the big squash leaves. Your garden is looking great!