The Budding Artist

Our house is being featured today over at No Minimalist Here.  Be sure to visit Sherry and see how it looks.


We have a table in our foyer, and I like to change things up to keep it interesting – more so for us than for our guests.



IMG 2526 1024x821 - The Budding Artist

I recently added a 12 x 16 inch oil painting to the mix.  It joins some fresh flowers, my rustic pencils souvenir I bought in Argentina, and an old cream can, painted by my mother, that I turned into a lamp.


IMG 2525 1024x681 - The Budding Artist

The colors in the painting work well with the other items, but I’m thinking that the toad stools on the lamp and the bird nest might just be too much.


IMG 2532 1024x681 - The Budding Artist

You are all familiar with the artist.  That signature is mine.


IMG 2537 1024x681 - The Budding Artist


I started taking oil painting classes last fall and was working on a painting of a little hen sitting on some straw.  I took her photo when I visited the honey farm.  However, I had never painted straw before and needed to practice before I messed up my masterpiece work.


IMG 2534 1024x681 - The Budding Artist

My art teacher gave me a canvas that she had used for painting a background.  She told me to practice painting straw on that canvas.  Well, once I started practicing, I decided to make a nest.


IMG 2530 1024x681 - The Budding Artist

A nest wouldn’t be complete without eggs, right?  I added three little robin’s egg blue eggs, but the color isn’t showing up well in this photo.  They aren’t perfect, but nature isn’t perfect either.  (That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it).

IMG 2535 1024x681 - The Budding Artist

I bought the frame at Hobby Lobby.  They do the framing when you buy an open-backed frame and provide the art.  Plus, it takes just minutes, unless there is a line.


IMG 2538 1024x743 - The Budding Artist

This is my third completed painting, but since it only took an hour, I’m not sure if it counts.  The other projects took a loooooooooong time.  However, this is my favorite so far.  I smile every time I walk past it.


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    Hi Janette, Your bird nest painting is lovely and the milk can lamp is so cute! It is my honor to feature your beautiful home at this weeks Open House party. I am sure my readers will enjoy the tour. Thanks for participating!

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    Just saw your home featured over at Sherry’s blog, Janette! Just beautiful! I don’t think we are very far from each other. On a couple of trips to Cincinnati I saw the signs for Lexington and Louisville {I think}. I would have loved to downsize to a townhouse with a courtyard like yours. Instead, we are in a condo, but I love it!

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    What a pretty vignette you’ve put together and that painting is just the sweetest. Thanks for sharing your lovely home, I found you on Sherry’s blog. Love your sun porch:-)

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    Your painting is so pretty, I wish I had that talent. I’m going over to see your feature. Thanks for visiting my blog please come often.

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    Wow! Janette that is just beautiful! You have so much talent and it looks perfectly lovely in your foyer. I loved seeing your gorgeous home featured over at Sherry’s party too! 🙂

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    Very nice painting you have done. It fits nicely with your table vignette and the lamp is too cute.

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    Your home is just beautiful! Just saw it featured over at Open House Party at the “No Minimalist Here Blog”!
    I think the bedroom with the high post bed was my favorite!
    Really love the way the light floods the room and the beautiful yellow on the walls!
    Lisa H.

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    Your painting is so pretty. You really did such an awesome job. I agree your home is just beautiful. You and Jordan both have such wonderful decorating talent!