Our Solar Clothes Dryer

We try to do want we can to be green.  We have reusable bags to take to the stores, we changed our toilet flushers to the ones that save water, we have been buying energy-efficient light bulbs, we compost our leftovers, and we make our own detergent.


clothesline1 - Our Solar Clothes Dryer


When I lived in Hawaii, we had a huge clothesline outside our house which was great because the weather was always amazing. We could use it any day. Now that it is getting warmer  and not raining as much here in Syracuse, a clothesline has reappeared.  It’s another way we can be green.





 I ordered this clothesline from Amazon last year for under $20.  It is great because it is retractable, and we can easily take it off and bring it in for the winter.



It attaches to this hook, and then we pull it across the yard.  It looks a little rough because it already survived a season.  It still works great, though.




To make the line tight, we wrap the cord around a couple of  times.  I marked with a Sharpie where I stop pulling so there isn’t any guessing.  The line is nice and tight for all the clothes each time.



The line goes diagonally across our yard.  It is long enough to hold one extra large load of laundry.  The line was in use all weekend since the weather was nice, sunny and breezy.



When the clothes are dry, they feel and smell great.  Then I just unhook and let go.  That’s all it takes to put my clothesline away.


As you can see, progress is being made on the landscaping in the backyard. I will blog  soon about that process.

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    I love using our clothesline – that’s a wonderful looking retractable line! I have a small version in the laundry room – just in case!

  2. says

    The Italians rarely use a clothes dryer as the energy is so expensive. Instead they use a drying rack. We have followed suit and purchased one. It works great. Best, Lisa

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    Someday, I aspire to use a clothesline. I love the concept, but we just dont’ have enough privacy and the idea of having my clothes outside without a little privacy makes me uncomfortable. But, when we go to the country, a clothesline will defiintely be there!

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    I love drying our clothes outside especially our towels. They absorb so much more water when dried outside! I love your clothesline and am going to check into getting one. Your yard is looking great!!

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    I haven’t had an outside clothesline for years now, but I did enjoy it when I did. We had a multi-line retractable one in a home many years back when we lived in Scottsdale. I could hang one load & it would be dry before I was ready to hang the next load — that would be the “hot but dry” climate of the desert that I’m sure you’ve heard about. Our CCRs in our current home, kind of frown on outdoor clotheslines, but I think I could push it if I really wanted to…..lol!