Derby Event – Day 5 – Mint Juleps and Derby Pie


Derby Week


Sadly we have come to the last day of our Derby Week Event.  However, we might have kept the best for last.  Everyone likes to eat.  Right?  Well, today the sisters At The Picket Fence are waiting to share their recipes for mint juleps and Derby pie.


mint julep fw0411 xl - Derby Event - Day 5 - Mint Juleps and Derby Pie


Henry Clay, a famous Kentucky statesman said that a mint julep is a ceremony.  It is a rite that “must not be entrusted to a novice, a statistician, nor a Yankee”.  Well, there are no fears for you.  Once you get their recipe, you will not be a novice, but if you are a Yankee, that  part can’t be helped.



Jordan and I want to thank the lovely Kentucky ladies who helped make this Derby Event possible.  Thanks to Carmel at Our Fifth House who showed us how to use the horse in our home decor.  We can’t wait to make the etched glasses and mint tea that Kerianne over at Thistlewood Farm taught us.  And today’s recipes from At The Picket Fence will have us fat and happy in not time at all.  Thanks, ladies!



Have a great Derby Day and a great week-end.  And Jordan and I hope your horse wins.

Take care.