A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

Happy Monday.  I hope you all had a good week-end.  I spent a few days visiting  my parents and then spent time doing some deep cleaning here.


I love to update different areas of our place and make them look seasonal.  I also like to use things I already own to make it even better.  I know that is a popular past-time for most of us in blogland.  When I gave our upstairs hallway an equestrian look last year, it was definitely a look I loved.  However, it had a look that said fall to me.


IMG 1227 1024x681 - A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

I made a few minor changes to give the area a lighter look for spring.  The dresser stayed in its original spot.


IMG 2064 1024x681 - A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

I put Bucky out to pasture for the summer and replaced him with the wicker trunk that Jordan picked up at IKEA for me.  It is the only new thing I used for this redo.


IMG 2065 1024x681 - A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

I didn’t like the blank area above the trunk, so I decided to move an equestrian print from another part of the hallway to the empty space.


IMG 2067 1024x681 - A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

To make sure that I got the new print even, I used my Iphone level app to help me find the right place to put the nail.  If you haven’t downloaded this free app, I highly recommend it.  It really comes in handy.


IMG 2070 681x1024 - A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

Ahhhh, this is much better.  Both prints are horse-related.  The top one is a horse auction, and the bottom one is that popular hunting scene that many of us own.


IMG 2074 1024x681 - A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

I added a new plant in a cheerful planter and rustic colored pencils to the top of the dresser to brighten it up, and that’s all it took.


IMG 2071 1024x681 - A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

Now, the area looks bright and fresh for spring.  I think I will add a long, narrow pillow to the top of the trunk to soften its look.  By the way, do you see the light in the mirror’s reflection?  That is our solar tube.  It adds tons of light to this windowless area.


IMG 2073 1024x812 - A New and Fresh Look in the Upstairs Hall

Here is another look.  I still have a bench to add to another part of the hall, but I need to get some help to carry it up the stairs.  I’ll show it to you in a few days.  The solar tube is adding all of the light in this photo, too.  I love it!!!  If any of you have ever wondered it they work, I promise you that they do.  We have three here, and we had three in our last place.


Take care.

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    PS: We have three of the solar tubes in the bonus room over the garage. When I am up there during the day, I always feel the need to turn off the lights. That’s how well they light that room.

  2. says

    Your update looks great! I love the paintings! and that large wicker trunk! I never heard of that ap, but I will be adding it! I eyeball everything, which drives my husband crazy 😉

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      A solar tube is a type of sky light that has a small dome on the roof. A long aluminum tube runs from that little dome through your attic or whatever to a flat panel that is installed in your ceiling. That’s where the light comes in. The panels are different sizes, but average about 15 inches in diameter. It is a no-mess way to get a sky light in a room. It can be installed in just a few hours and makes just a little dust that the installer cleans up. You can Google Solar Tubes and get more info and probably find a company in your area that puts them in. By the way, I am not getting paid by Solar Tube. I just love the product.

  3. ginger says

    I came from Rhoda’s but can’t find your “thrifty treasure” in this post. 🙁 Love the chest though. It is lovely.

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    That new arrangement looks great! It’s very fresh and artful. Wish I had the patience to rethink places like that in my house. It takes me forever to figure out what I want where, then I never want to have to change it again. Too set in my ways!! Thanks so much for stopping by. Jane