Square Foot Gardening

It all started with this book.


I picked up this book at the library and wanted to read and learn more about square foot gardening.  We have a long and narrow area between our house and the driveway where we were thinking of planting a few vegetables. It gets great sun, and we thought we would give it a try.  While I was out of town for six days on business, Mr. Spring found the book on the coffee table.  After reading it, he gave the project a green thumb light.


House after - The 2 Seasons

I didn’t really have a good close up of the area before.  However, you can see the side of the house where there are grape vines.  The vines were taking over and even getting into the power lines.  Crows kept coming around for the grapes and then making a mess, if you know what I mean, so we decided they (the grapes and thus the crows) had to go.


Here is the view right before Mr. Spring went to town removing the dirt, weeds and trellis.


Mr. Spring cleared out the extra dirt and miscellaneous items to give us an even surface.


We decided to make raised garden boxes rather than just planting right into the soil.  Mr. Spring got the wood and started making the construction.


The raised planters cover most of the length of the side.  The book talks about only needing a soil depth of six inches for most plants.  The taller section in the middle is for other plants such as carrots.


The author emphasized the importance of good soil when people plant a garden so he has a recipe for making the perfect soil.  It was a little investment up front, but this soil will last year after year.  There will be no need to add anything except a little compost each year, and our worms will take care of that project.  Read about them here.


The soil consists of compost, vermiculite and peet moss.  We mixed it all together and got a really good consistency.


The soil feels so light and has a sponge-like feel, so it will help hold the moisture.


The book recommends dividing the raised planters into boxes to make the whole process easier.  Mr. Spring made a grid for the boxes.


We have not had our last frost in Syracuse yet,  but there are a couple things we were able to go ahead and plant.  Onions, garlic, and spinach are hardy and can handle lower temperatures, and so we planted them.


Overall this book has been great. We can’t wait to see the rewards of all of our work.  Stay tuned to see how it all turns out.   We will be sure to post updates.

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      Hi Carmel,

      Mr. Spring used untreated lumber from the framing section from Home Depot. Just make sure you do not use pressure treated wood. You can use Cedar which will last longer but it does cost more. We are hoping to get 4 to 5 years about of this raised bed before he has to build another one. He said it was very easy to build so he doesn’t mind doing it again!


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    Your garden is going to be AWESOME. I have a friend out here who did the same exact thing along the side of her home. Her gardens and veggies are amazing!

  2. says

    I plan to purchase the book for my husband for Father’s Day, although I think it is also for me. We have a garden, but as I have just recently joined an Edible Community Garden in our area I am anxious to try the method in the book. Viva sustainability!!!

    Too bad about the grape vine. Have you ever made jelly or wine?

    Happy gardening. Lisa, La Dolce Villa

  3. says

    Go Mr Spring! I have a Mr who I make do all the sweaty hard work too they come in handy sometimes don’t they 😉 The hard bit is done now the fun bit picking and planting good luck I’m sure it will come up a treat

  4. Beth says

    You and Mr. Spring will Love the results . I have my herb garden done in this manner.and want raised beds this summer for Dalias ? Enjoy!,

  5. says

    Ha! Now that I see the before picture, I can confirm that the shrubs you took out were Spirea. Ironic, as those are what I proposed you plant in the back!!! 😉

  6. says

    That is going to look spectacular! I I cant wait to see the results. The author of the book used to have a show on PBS years ago.