Terrarium, Part 2

For a while now I have been having a love affair with terrariums – from afar.  Last fall I wrote here about the simple terrarium I put together using discount plants from Lowe’s and an old pickle jar from my mother.



IMG 1187 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2

This is how it looked when I finished.  It was all nice and healthy, and I was happy.


IMG 1988 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2

Eventually, it looked like this with only the ivy staying healthy.


IMG 1979 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2

I wasn’t too discouraged, though.  Lucky for me. Mrs. Limestone over at Brooklyn Limestone curated some goodies for Joss and Main a few months ago, and one of the items in her collection was a cool terrarium.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.


IMG 1968 1024x540 - Terrarium, Part 2

After buying plants and supplies once again at Lowe’s, I started building a new enclosed garden.  First, I lined the bottom with foil, just to protect it from runaway water.


IMG 1969 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2

Then I  topped the foil with some small pebbles.


IMG 1971 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2

I selected a variety of plants with different textures and colors.  Instead of adding soil and placing the plants in the soil, this time I kept them in their pots.  I might have to actually plant them in the soil down the road, but I am just going to watch and wait to see how they do.


IMG 1974 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2

I thought the terrarium needed a little sparkle, so I dug out some old pieces of silver, that had once belonged to Mr. Autumn’s aunt, to put around the bottom.  I don’t know what this little thingy is, but it is monogrammed and dated and is just charming.


IMG 1978 596x1024 - Terrarium, Part 2

I also added this little maid’s bell.  The top has little dents in it as if a teething baby chewed on it.  It’s very sweet.


IMG 1972 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2


IMG 1980 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2


IMG 1981 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2


IMG 1982 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2


IMG 1983 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2


IMG 1984 1024x681 - Terrarium, Part 2


Right now it is sitting pretty on an old French park chair that is in the corner of the kitchen.  The nice thing is that it would look great as a table centerpiece or sitting on the side board.  Hopefully, I can keep these babies alive, but if one dies, it will be easy to take it out and put a fresh one in.


Do any of you have terrariums?  How do you keep your plants healthy?

Take care.

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    I love your terrarium! I made a mini one in a stemless wine glass and it did fine all winter long, but the ivy was looking a little sad, so I got rid of it the other day. I definitely want to start over and make a larger one too, thanks for the inspiration!

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    I too love terrariums, but don’t really have much experience…any experience with them. I can imagine mine looking like the first one you did in the end 🙂 I ‘liked’ you on FB to follow along… hope you’ll come visit me too! Little Bit from DecorateWithaLittleBit.com