My Fake Chest

Did that headline grab your attention???  Actually, I am talking about my sugar chest.  It is not really a fake but it is a reproduction that is 60 years old.  So, technically, it’s my fake chest.



IMG 1992 1024x930 - My Fake Chest

Many of you have probably never heard of a sugar chest because they were mostly used in Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Carolinas back in the 1800’s.  Only affluent families could afford sugar, and they kept it under lock and key.  The lady of the house wore the key to the sugar chest around her neck.



IMG 1990 1024x681 - My Fake Chest

The interiors of the chests are divided into two compartment – one for dark sugar and one for light sugar.


IMG 1963 1024x681 - My Fake Chest

A bottom drawer was used to store coffee and tea.


IMG 1964 1024x681 - My Fake Chest


Both compartments were locked.


IMG 1955 1024x903 - My Fake Chest

Usually our sugar chest, which I have owned for 20 years,  is beside Mr. Autumn’s chair in the great room, but yesterday, I moved it to the dining side of the same room.


IMG 1956 1024x681 - My Fake Chest

Then I moved our silver tea and coffee service from the hutch in the kitchen to the top of the sugar chest.


IMG 1957 1024x681 - My Fake Chest

We southern girls love our pearls and silver.  And so, I stole borrowed an idea from my friend Missie.  When we went to a cocktail party at her house, her silver service was draped in faux pearls, and she used the sugar and cream servers to hold candles.  It was so cute – so cute that I had to do it, too.


IMG 1958 1024x681 - My Fake Chest

I polished up the silver yesterday, too.  I always keep it shined.  It looks so beautiful with the sun coming through the French doors.


IMG 1965 1024x681 - My Fake Chest

The creamer is the perfect size to hold a big candle.


IMG 19551 1024x903 - My Fake Chest

  The chest is made of maple and is nice and solid.  I think I’ll keep it a while longer – like at least another 60 years!!!


IMG 1906 1024x746 - My Fake Chest

Before I sign off, I want to share this photo with you.  Mr. Autumn and I have been away from home for five of the past six weeks.  When we arrived home Sunday evening, we discovered that this little dove has made a nest in a planter that hangs beside the mud room.  I haven’t seen the little lady move once.  I put seeds and suet near her, and there is fresh water.  She isn’t at all bothered by me when I stand and look at her through the window.


IMG 1910 1024x681 - My Fake Chest

I took this photo from the great room looking into the courtyard.  She is in the planter on the right.  A pair of doves were very interested in a dovecote that I put in the courtyard last summer, but they just stopped coming by.  This might be the female from that pair.  I’m told they mate for life.  I’ll keep you posted when the little ones hatch.


Take care.

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  1. says

    Your sugar chest, reproduction or not, is a stunning piece and one that I would be thrilled to have here at StoneGable! It is beautiful!
    I am a northern girl that has a southern soul… I love silver and pearls too! And putting them together makes is brilliant! Your tea service is gorgeous! Such a sign of welcome and refinement!

  2. says

    OH, what a precious snap of the little dove. I just love them and we have lots of little morning doves here.
    Now your sugar chest is such a pretty piece and I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a sugar chest. Your tea service is lovely too.
    Be a sweetie and welcome home! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Pondside says

    The sugar chest and tea service are lovely. My mother visited on Sunday and commented on how bright my tea service was – these days many people can’t be bothered polishing silver, but I find it quite satisfying and appreciate the warm glow it gives a particular corner of the dining room.

  4. says

    That is a beautiful sugar chest and thanks for sharing the history behind it. I just learned something new today! I don’t blame you for keeping it another 60 years….I would too. I love the pearls on the silver. Makes for an elegant touch. Hope you are having a wonderful day, Gail

  5. says

    Oh my … I love, love that sugar chest, and the history behind it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. It’s just beautiful and your silver set looks fab. I’m visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays. Love your blog.