Coloring Outside the Lines

Yesterday I shared photos of the polished antique copper that I saw at the San Telmo street market in Buenos Aires (here).  I told you that I didn’t want to have to carry it around during our travels.  However, I did find something adorable that would easily fit into my suitcase, was unusual, and just plain fun.



IMG 1875 1024x681 - Coloring Outside the Lines

I bought two sets of these cute colored pencils.  One set is slightly larger than the other.


IMG 1873 1024x851 - Coloring Outside the Lines

I liked the bright colors and the rustic style.


IMG 1876 1000x1024 - Coloring Outside the Lines

I can use them on my desk….


IMG 1878 1024x681 - Coloring Outside the Lines

…and in different containers.


IMG 1881 1017x1024 - Coloring Outside the Lines

This julep cup will be good pencil caddy around Derby time.  (Can you tell I’m trying to learn how to use the manual settings on my camera)?????


IMG 1884 1024x681 - Coloring Outside the Lines


Another item I bought is this little tray.  It came from a boutique  and not the street market.  It looks discolored in the photo, but it isn’t.


IMG 1883 1024x681 - Coloring Outside the Lines

It is made of silver, zinc, and some other alloy.  It will not tarnish like silver does.  Its little handles were somebody’s horns.  Yikes!!!


IMG 1879 1024x681 - Coloring Outside the Lines

It was light-weight and easy to pack.  It will get lots of use in vignettes and for serving foods, like tea sandwiches.


IMG 1880 1024x681 - Coloring Outside the Lines

I like to get a little something when we travel but am careful to make sure it will fit in with the other things we own.  I am proud to say I have never come home with a sombrero or a wooden giraffe!!!

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Take care.

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  1. Chua Ling Mei says

    You are so innovative with the display of the colour pencils. I LOVE your idea 🙂

  2. says

    Those colored pencils are so fun! What a great thing to bring back – something you can use! All of your trip pictures make me want to hop on a plane!