Everything In Its Place


Since the new year, now into its third month already, I wanted to share two little organization purchases that help keep our keys and batteries in their place.



IMG 1761 1024x681 - Everything In Its Place

We bought a battery rack that holds several sizes of batteries all in one place.  Every time we see that we are getting low on them, we will buy a pack and put them in this little rack right away.  Beside it is our key holder.


IMG 1762 681x1024 - Everything In Its Place

It has hooks for 15 keys.  They hang side by side in our pantry……….


IMG 0129 1024x681 - Everything In Its Place

between this pot rack peg board and the door.  Amazon.com has several different styles of key and battery organizers.  It’s nice to know I don’t have to go searching through the junk drawer when I need to find a key or replace a battery.

Take care.



  1. Pondside says

    Great idea – I’ll look for one of these when we’re in WA on the weekend, otherwise I’ll try online.