Relighting My Life

 After we moved into our house last year,  we found out why the previous owner used a light with real candles over the dining room table…..There wasn’t any electrical wiring in the ceiling.



Old light

 We cleaned up the light he was using, painted it and changed out the candle color, but it was always too small for the room.  It did, however, set a romantic mood for Mr. Spring and me when we wanted a special dinner.



Light before

When my mom was here, we decided to take a trip to the local ReStore to see if they had any lights that we could rehab for our room.  We wanted a style that would hold candles, but it needed to be larger than our existing light.  We found this baby.  It had seen a better day but would be perfect after we showed it some love.



Light bulb in

We removed about 20 years worth of dust…..



Wires out

and removed all  of the wiring. Then we headed to Pinterest and used inspiration from there to come up with our bold paint choice.


Light after

We selected a soft yellow that is not as bright as a bus but brighter than lemon juice.  If you want to do this, here’s a tip:  We  did not buy Rustoleum paint, and that was a mistake.  The paint ran and gave poor coverage.  Two cans of the generic store paint did not complete the job.  Then I bought a can of Rustoleum, and what they say is true:  No drops, no runs.  It covered perfectly and gave a much better finish.


Light after

Right now I am using up my remaining green candles, but it’s nice to know I can change the look and mood of the room by just changing the candles.  Also, if I ever get tired of the yellow, I know a new look is just one can of Rustoleum away.

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    Happy yellow and lime green equal sunny spring days in my book! I love love love the chandelier make-over and I am so touched by the mother-daughter journey you’ve been taking. Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my DIY fake wallpaper.

  2. says

    I am wanting to bring yellow into my home decor this summer. The dining room and living room connect and I wasn’t quite sure how to bring the yellow into the dining room other than art and table linens. I love the idea of a yellow chandelier. Very fun and definitely a POP of color. Thanks

  3. says

    This looks wonderful! I’ve been seeing yellow & bright colored light fixtures all over the web lately and seriously want one for myself!

    How did you paint the chain and get the color so even?

    • says


      I was able to get the paint even with spray paint. I did a section at a time and then moved around the light and chain to get other angles covered.