A Keyless Lock

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This isn’t a very sexy blog entry.  Actually, none of our entries are sexy, but this is more utilitarian than most.  It’s about something both our home and Jordan’s home has, and we and our misters all love it.


Trilogy Alarm Lock

We have keyless entries for our back doors, and we love them.  For our front entries, we have the doors and keys, but for the doors we use the most, we prefer the keyless method.


Securitron Digital Keypad

They come in different styles and with different options which means that everyone who buys one can select a design that will fit their needs.


total1 - A Keyless Lock

Jordan and I like them because we do lots of outdoor activities.  It’s one less thing we have to deal with if we are hiking in the woods, kayaking on a lake, or taking a long bicycle ride.  We know that there won’t be any worrying about losing a key.  When we get home, all we need to do is punch in our pass code.  It also eliminates fumbling for the keys when our arms are full of other things like groceries.

They are easy enough to install that you or your housemate can do it in a few hours.  There is no need to pay a handyman.

So, there you have it.  A big thumbs up from The 2 Seasons for keyless lock systems.

Take care.

Images from www.thisoldhouse.com