Our Restful Nook

Our Florida room is slowly coming together.  We have replaced some windows, patched holes, installed a hardwood floor and now bought something.  I love this room because it is so sunny and brings tons of light into our living room.  We thought about building some window seats around the windows but decided we wanted to take a different direction that would easier.  So, we bought a daybed, comforter, and pillows.




We purchased this daybed from Ikea because it was reasonably priced.  I looked at daybeds for several months, and this gave us the most bang for the buck.    We consider the Florida room our informal living room, and we wanted something casual.




Since we replaced the windows and the floor, this room is the perfect nap reading room and a nice place to hang out and play with Gracie.




The greatest thing about this bed is it can be a comfy sofa during the day and at night turn into a king size bed.  We currently have two guest rooms, but we have already filled them at times and have had people on an air mattress.  This is a quick and easy bedroom.  We plan to purchase some privacy screens that we can put up if we need to turn this into a quick bedroom.




Also, there is tons of storage.  These three drawers are empty so it is always good to have storage for the future.  This photo shows a close-up of the always wrinkled comforter.  To me, that is the downer to using comforters and duvet covers.  They are a challenge to keep neat.




So there it is our new reading, relaxing, napping nook in the Florida room.  The rug is something I have had from my San Francisco days.  We’ll use it  till I find something else.  The coffee table will get some sort of facelift one of these days.

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  1. says

    Love your “Florida Room”…I have not heard that term in such a long time..as I am a “Florida Girl” that recently relocated to N.C. to be closer to our beautiful granddaughter…

    Ikea is the best…that was a great decision to go with the daybed..so multi-funtional and not to mention pretty!…

  2. says

    Your Florida room looks wonderful. Love all the light! Great idea doing the daybed. I just bought the exact same crewel-stitched pillow (x2) for the twin beds in our guest room. Gotta love IKEA!

  3. Erin Cole says

    DO NOT PAINT THAT TABLE! I love your blog, but really Jordan, I am going to have to stage an intervention with you and your mother so you two stop painting all the wooden things. 🙂