Our Neighborhood Beer Crawl

We live in a perfect neighborhood. This past summer a few of us organized a wine crawl where we went to different houses to taste wines.  You can read about it here.    It was such a success that we all decided it was time to have a  beer crawl.  So, this past weekend we did just that with five houses participating.   Each house had a theme, and we walked from house to house and had a great time!


Beer Crawl invite

This invitation was sent out to all of the participants.   A walking map to all of the  houses was inside, along with a space to write notes about the various beers.  Some of the guidelines were listed on the back.  Each house needed to provide three different beers in their category along with snacks that complemented those beers.  Also, root beer needed to be available for the pregnant participants or non-drinkers.



Beer tasting glass

We had custom wine glasses for the wine crawl, so, we had to do the same for the beer crawl.  These were small beer tasting glasses that each person used the entire evening..

All of the houses were great!  One house had beers from Vermont paired with venison chili and yummy homemade maple candy.  The second house had a delicious home brew which was made months ago.   House three had a variety of Beligum beers and a small keg of root beer.  House four took us back to our college days with very light beers and games to go with the theme.


Beer Crawl

We had IPA (India Pale Ale) beers at our house.  I just did a simple centerpiece of beer bottles with flowers.  I also had descriptions of the beer’s taste, aroma and history.


Beer Crawl

IPA beers pair well with spicy food and desserts such as carrot cake.  I made some crock pot jambalaya  for our tasting.  This was so easy because it could cook during the evening while I was visiting the other houses.  Then I arrived a few minutes ahead of our guests in order to spoon it into little cups.


Beer Crawl

I  glued beer caps onto place cards and used them to identify the foods.  A local restaurant saved their beer caps for me so I had enough to spread on the table like confetti.



Beer Crawl

You can see some of the beer caps in this photo.  Behind the table was the beer growler lamp I made.  You can read how I did it here.



Beer Crawl

We all had root beer, and my friend suggested I add pickles for fun since it was for one of our pregnant neighbors.


Beer Crawl

One day on Amazon I came across the Beer Soap Company.  I ordered some soap made from beer for the powder room.


Beer Crawl

Since we were the last house I decided to have some beer goggles for fun.  My mom didn’t get this and had never heard of beer goggles.  Sorry if you do not get this.  I guess it is more my age group.

During the set up and taking pictures I realized I didn’t actually get pictures of the beer.  I set up a beer station in the kitchen with a big tub of all the IPA beers and some other types for people who were not a fan of the IPA beers.

Overall it was a great time, and we are trying to figure out our next neighborhood crawl.  My mom thinks a milk crawl would be nice.  Thanks for coming along


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  1. tess says

    Sounds like great fun…I’m a central New Yorker and see some “local” products…Saranac rootbeer is the best on the planet!!! Everything looks so good and this is such a cool idea!