A Love Affair

It is finally finished, and I am in love.  The cabinets are complete, and I couldn’t be happier with the final look.   I am not showing a step by step process because I followed the exact advice that John and Sherry gave on cabinet painting at  Young House Love.  Click here for their amazing step by step process for painting cabinets. If you want to see some of my progress, you can click here and here.

Here is the before with gold paint color and wood cabinets.


 We lived with the gold cabinets and natural wood cabinets for a year.  Then my mom and I painted the walls light blue.  That helped tremendously because there finally was some contrast between the wall and cabinet colors.


 This is the same view as above post paint job but after hours and hours of work.  Let’s call it a labor of love.


 Now, here’s the other side of the kitchen work area.


The lighting wasn’t the best when  I took this picture, but you get an idea of the impact.  It looks like a different house, doesn’t it???  We left the wood molding around the countertop the same as it was before for two reasons.  One – it matches the floor and ties the two spaces together.  Two – we were afraid that the wear and tear that area gets would cause the paint to chip or rub off.



On the right of my kitchen is an area that the former owner used as a desk.  Since we already have a study/working office space, we were using this area as a catch-all.  It was our drop area for mail, etc.  I decided to make it into our coffee station, complete with a cappuccino sign I bought at Hobby Lobby.


I made a basic tan skirt to cover up small appliances, and our basket of shoes and boots which we store on the shelves in this great area.   I used this basic color because I wasn’t sure which colors we would eventually use in the kitchen.


When my mom was here, we selected  this colorful fabric that has a light blue background.  She made the new curtain.  It is so cute and a great way to add some fun color in the kitchen.


I can’t be happier with our new look.  For less than one hundred dollars, we took our kitchen from a “granny” look  to “a young couple lives here” look.  We are planning to buy new appliances early next year, but I don’t mind the old ones now.  I can live with them a little while longer since everything else is so bright and cheery.


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  1. OH IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! You all did such an incredible job! I can see why you are so happy with it because it just looks beautiful.

  2. Your cabinets look great! It looks like a different house! Love the coffee station too. I have a desk in the kitchen and I hate it. It catches too much stuff and always looks messy. You’ve given me an idea.
    Have a great week,

  3. What a difference! It truly looks terrific. Your hard work paid off!


  4. What an Awesome Transformation–I know you & Mr.Spring will enjoy this for years to come!

  5. I have the same cabinets in my bathrooms and have been thinking of staining them somehow. Maybe white is the way to go to match up with our white kitchen cabinets. This looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your transformation. It’s a perfect job on the color selection which makes such a huge difference. It also makes the kitchen look larger and the detailing is great. It must feel wonderful to have it done. How great to have your Mom help. Jane

  7. I love it! The blue and white looks so fresh and airy. I like the coffee station too – that’s one of the things on my list of kitchen updates. I’d love it if you would share this at my very first linkup party and giveaway @ the Delectable Home.

  8. I love it. I can’t wait to do my kitchen. I love your little coffee area. I need one of those. :)

  9. Wow! What a transformation! I’ve been thinking about painting my oak cabinets white, and this may be the inspiration that pushes me to do it. Thanks for sharing!

    Can’t wait to see your next project… 😉


  10. Your kitchen update is so bright and beautiful! Great job and on such a small budget (way to go!) dee dee

  11. It looks beautiful!! You’re right, it looks like a totally different kitchen. It’s amazing what paint can do. And what fun fabric you used in there also; very pretty!

  12. Love the look of your newly painted cabinets. I am moving in about three weeks to a white kitchen. I have never had a while one so I am excited to decorate it! Your kitchen looks wonderful, what a change!

  13. I love it! I was really hoping to see the “after” today. It reminds me of the kitchen at your parents’ old house a little bio bright and cheerful!

  14. Fantastic work, I love your counter top and that you left the “woody” edge. It looks like the kitchen has room to breathe.

  15. Looks fantastic – I know you must love being in your kitchen with this bright, “new” look! Thanks for sharing with us, I found your link at Between Naps. Hugs ~ Mary

  16. Well done – it is beautiful. You will certainly have a lot of ‘sweat equity’ in your house!

  17. Love the white! Loos beautiful!

  18. Your kitchen transformation looks amazing – a totally different space. Congrats on completing it !

  19. It looks terrific! Definitely brought the kitchen up to date!

  20. Wow – only $100 – it is fantastic. The sweat equity paid off – I love white kitchens and this one is a winner! So glad you joined our Impossibilities Challenge!

  21. What a beautiful kitchen you now have! Your white cupboards make such a difference and that coffee station is a great idea. I bet you love cooking and working in there now. Well done!!

  22. Your labor of love has really paid off! So bright and fresh and refreshing! So glad you linked up with out impossibilities challenge …


  23. Wow! This looks amazing! It’s just miraculous what a coat (or a few dozen coats) of paint can do for a kitchen. Those cabinets just pop now – I love the style of the cabinets at the paint just make them look brand new. I’m also loving the idea of the curtain – what a fun way to bring in a pop of color. I’ve been thinking of creating a curtain below our farmhouse sink (which currently has doors). My only fear is that my dogs will see it as an open invitation to get in the cabinet. =)

    What awesome work!

  24. You did an excellent job, such a beautiful transformation. I love the blue walls. Congrats on your impossibility challenge.

  25. Awesome! The cabinets come out soooo great! And I love that colorful fabric. A big thanks to your mom for all of the help!!

    Thank you so much for joining the challenge!

  26. Gorgeous! What a difference a can of paint can make! BTW I love the name of your blog. Its so sweet to see a mother/daughter team.

  27. Your transformation is amazing! You and your Mom “rock” as a team! It just looks so fresh and lovely.

  28. You had great bones to start with (I love the little open shelves under the uppers), and it looks so amazing now with the new paint! Even the counter looks new and elegant now.

  29. Beautiful!!! Your “new” white kitchen is light and fresh looking, and very pretty!
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. I LOVE your coffee station!!! I wish I had room for something like that. The whole kitchen looks amazing and fresh. What a coat of paint can do!
    Stunning Transformation.

  31. Amazing transformation! I love the new paint color! It looks like you conquered your “impossible.” Thanks for joining the party!

  32. Every home that we have owned was new, so have not had to renovate a kitchen..I applaud you for the beautiful work you have done on the cabinetry. Your kitchen looks so bright and fresh!

  33. Wow, it looks beautiful! I have those same cabinets in my kitchen and have been contemplating paint them white myself but wondered what they would look like… now I know! :) They look GREAT!!!


  34. They look terrific! I am going to starting painting mine tomorrow!

  35. Looks great … I can’t wait to paint my kitchen cabinets!

  36. The kitchen looks GREAT!!! Could you come do mine now?? I know, it’s a labor of love. I understand.

    Have a God Filled Day

    • Shirley,

      It is a labor of love. I am hoping I never have to paint kitchen cabinets again. However when I go into my kitchen and see the new look it makes of for all the time and energy spent making them white.


  37. It almost looks like it’s on another house…boy, what a change! Fabulous, you did a terrific job!
    Happy weekend.

  38. Amazing transformation! I’m showing this to my hubby!


  39. great looking kitchen! amazing job, I too have a coffee station with a Kuerig in it! they are the best!

  40. What a great pick-me-up! You all did a wonderful job, and I hope you enjoy the “new” for a long time!

    I also hope your readers will join Bloggers for Hope and send some Valentine love to “the least of these.” Check it out here: http://myplacetoyours.blogspot.com/2012/02/valentines-of-hope.html

  41. They are fabulous!!!! Featuring them tomorrow :)

  42. Coffee station! Yes! Thank you!

  43. This looks great! We are planning to paint our cabinets, I want to get started now!

  44. Oh Jordan, this is fantastic! It looks like a whole new room!! I love those little shelves below your cabinets. This was probably a ton more work than it seems but it is oh so worth it! -Teresa