My Gallery Wall

Since gallery walls are all the rage these days, and since I had a wall begging for attention, I decided to jump on the train before it completely left the station.  A few months ago, I showed a wall with just a few pieces of art here.  It is located in our hallway that connects the foyer to the great room.


IMG 1693 1024x897 - My Gallery Wall

Voila!  My intention when I originally hung some art was to disguise the thermostat.  It worked because I really don’t notice it now.


IMG 1674 1024x775 - My Gallery Wall

None of the frames match, the matts are different, and the colors aren’t the same, but I love the way it looks.  It looks as if it is art gathered over time.  And guess what!!  It is.


IMG 1692 698x1024 - My Gallery Wall

 Everything on this wall has special meaning.  And by the way, I took this photo when the morning sun was shining through the transom window over the front door.  I love that time of day.


IMG 1677 1024x681 - My Gallery Wall

We have lived in three homes with our children.  We built this Dutch colonial in 1980.  An artist painted a mural on Baby Jordan’s bedroom wall, and she also painted this water color.  The brick was not the orangey color that it looks like in this painting.


IMG 1676 1024x748 - My Gallery Wall

This is a pencil sketch of the third home we lived in.  We moved to our present townhouse from this home once our kids flew the coop.  Unfortunately, we had a rendering of the second house, a big Cape Cod, that we built, but I gave it to the new homeowners when we sold it.  What was I thinking???????


IMG 1678 1024x768 - My Gallery Wall

These are two post cards my grandparents exchanged while he was in World War 1.  In an earlier card he expressed the hope that she would be there for him when he returned home.  She clearly let him know her intentions.


IMG 1681 1024x724 - My Gallery Wall

My mother painted this oil of our son and nephew as little boys.  Our son is the taller of the two.  She painted it from a photo we took on a camping trip.


IMG 1687 1024x759 - My Gallery Wall

This belongs to my brother, but I am having a giclee made of it.


IMG 1682 1024x681 - My Gallery Wall

This water color was painted by an artist who sells regularly at the annual arts fair in the park across the street.


IMG 1685 888x1024 - My Gallery Wall

I know they are generic, but red geraniums are my favorite garden annual.  They remind me of the time when Mr. Right and I lived in Switzerland as newlyweds.  Geraniums were everywhere.


IMG 1683 1024x876 - My Gallery Wall

This P. Buckley Moss print reminds me of our son and the pet goat we had when he was a little boy.  We had a great time with that goat, named Symphony, until he grew up.  Eventually, we gave him away.


IMG 1688 1024x970 - My Gallery Wall

My mother really likes the art of the late Tasha Tudor. This note card from Mother shows some of Tasha’s work.


IMG 1691 1024x681 - My Gallery Wall

This is a water color on a note card that shows the highest peak that we bicycled to this past September when we rode our bikes from the top to the bottom of France.  Here’s a little hint about how high up we were:  It’s at a ski resort!!!


IMG 1689 681x1024 - My Gallery Wall

And finally, this is the initial for our last name, and I bought it at Home Goods.

So, there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed seeing our gallery wall.  It makes me smile, and I hope you had a smile, too.

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Take care.

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  1. says

    I LOVE you gallery wall!
    Thermostat? What thermostat!???


    I love a grouping, floor to ceiling.
    So British and such a lovely collection of
    lots of warm family memories.

    Love it

  2. says

    Beautiful Wall! I love it and the fact that it hold so much meaning for you. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your idea of the Mother/Daughter Blog. Fantastic! XO Cindy

  3. Pondside says

    It just goes to show – if we wait long enough our favorite things will come back into vogue. I had a gallery wall many years ago and I think it’s time to think about re-establishing it.